Last night, we were alerted by popular blogging sites that Nipsey Hussle had been shot outside of his clothing store in Los Angeles. Within fifteen minutes of the news alert, it was reported that he had died at the hospital. Even if you did not listen to his music, for some reason his death felt painfully close to home. It seemed as if we had lost our cousin or brother. Mothers hugged their husbands. We felt for his family. The truth is, Nipsey was different. And his life is being mourned in grand magnitude.

A Open Wound

Nipsey Hussle, whose real name was Ermias Asghedom was born and raised in Los Angeles. The 33 year old business man was native to the rough neighborhood of Crenshaw and despite his upbringing, he strived to change the perception of his community, Black men, and family. For a lot of women, we were familiar with Nipsey through his relationship with Lauren London which brings up the open wound – Nipsey is leaving behind family, his daughter from a previous relationship, Emani, and his son with Lauren London. He is leaving behind now two single mothers whose children will be raised without their loving father.

Did we need another Black man ripped from his children? No.

Our homes are constantly ravished by the single mother stigma and gun violence in our community has claimed another victim, creating a trail of living victims that will be affected by this stain for the rest of their lives.

Unanswered Questions

Many are pointing to conspiracy theories for the death of Ermias Asghedom. Unlike other rappers who gained their fame capitalizing off of drugs, money, and women, during interviews, Ermias preached financial literacy, the importance of investing in real estate, and was always seen as a loving family man. He believed in the health of the Black family. It became public knowledge that he was producing a film to cover the life of world renowned Dr. Sebi, the self proclaimed healer who was said to cure all diseases with herbs and an alkaline diet. Dr. Sebi is also said to be killed due to his ability to teach people to heal themselves and no longer depend on the broken healthcare system that continued to rob families of their money and lives with no real intention of making them better.

We all sat anxiously waiting for Ermias to tell his story. And then he was killed.

Gun Violence In The Black Community

To hear that a Black man was gunned down in Los Angeles may not come as a surprise to some. To hear a famous Black man making positive changes was killed outside of his business jolted us awake to know that no one is above the senseless killings that happen to our men everyday. Every murder through gun violence creates a line of victims and each family affected is equally as important. Nipsey Hussle was no stranger to the gang lifestyle but as it appeared in the most recent years, he had made many positive changes to turn his life around which is why it did not make sense that he had been killed due to a disgruntled associate.

Making A Positive Change

Ermias Asghedom believed in uplifting his community. Recently featured in Forbes Magazine about his journey to become a real estate mogul, Asghedom said, “I believe that economics is based on scarcity of markets. And it’s possible to monetize your art without compromising the integrity of it for commerce.” Nipsey Hussle had just purchsed a shopping plaza in his old neighborhood with business partner, Dave Gross.

Nipsey Hussle showed love to the neighborhood that raised him. He brought light and positivity to a community that many have been afraid of for years. His loving partner, Lauren London, constantly doted on him and his accomplishments. Nipsey brought GQ into the hood to show the beauty of the streets that raised him.

We send our deepest sympathies and condolences to Ermias Asghedom’s family. To each and every family that has been affected by gun violence, it is time for a change. We are losing Black men everyday. We are losing fathers. We are losing husbands. Brothers. Cousins. Uncles.

This has to stop.

With love,