halloween pumpkin on black background

I grew up in a spiritually relaxed household. We went to church occasionally…my mother taught us about God. She didn’t curse, smoke, or drink, and overall, she set a great example for us to see. When the holidays would roll around, we participated out of tradition. We would all gather together for Thanksgiving, see each other for Christmas, and if we had not been to church in a while, we would definitely go on Easter. These days though, didn’t have much meaning to me, outside of the fact that we traditionally celebrated them. I remember in particular this one church I attended growing up that, on Halloween, instead of having the children go trick or treating, we would all have our bags and costumes and trick or treat in the safety of the church. I can’t remember if my mother allowed us to dress up but I do remember participating and getting loads of candy.

That is all Halloween really meant to me as a child. Candy. Costumes. Fun times. When I was in college I worked at Hard Rock Cafe and just like when I was a child, I would dress up because it was fun- solely out of tradition.


During my early 20’s, things changed for me. I began to take my spirituality a little more serious. I began studying my bible with the help of a bible conductor who helped me to see the truth about not only traditional holidays but especially about Halloween. Halloween has many different origins, none of which originate with the beliefs of true Christians who worship God. Some of these customs, like wearing frightening costumes, come from the belief that evil spirits would mistake you as their own and not bother you, or that you could give them sweets to appease them. Carved pumpkins with candles represented souls trapped in purgatory.

I began to question how, even if it were in a church, could I continue to participate in something that was clearly against my spiritual beliefs?

When I became a mother, I promised to raise my daughter in truth. Sometimes that proves harder to do than I thought. It means not telling her outright lies or tickling her ears with facades of what this world is. I do not believe in alternative activities of a holiday that promotes the celebration of dead people or spirits. While some may say to lighten up and just have a little fun, my response is always- there are many other ways to have fun without compromising my belief system. 

It rings true – it is harder to go against the grain of tradition than it is to follow the path of many. It is never my intent to push my beliefs on others but I urge you to ask yourself, especially if you consider yourself to be a follower of Christ, why do You celebrate Halloween?

With love,