I am often asked why keeping my daughters’ hair natural is important to me. At first is seemed like a simple question.

Because it’s the healthy thing to do…

Because natural hair is more versatile…

Because she’s too young for anything other than natural hair…

and the list goes on.

But the more I though about it, the more I realized it is not just hair. Keeping my daughters’ hair natural is way more than that. I keep my daughters’ hair natural because I think it is an essential part of her life journey. It means having to spend time grooming her hair, an activity that gives us the time and space to bond on a deeper level and exchange stories. While I’m grooming her hair, I teach her about our culture, the history of our people and about the history of our hair.


I tell her what it was like for me growing up and being the only black girl in class.

We discuss the science of our biology and the power and versatility of our hair and so many other things that are important to us. So keeping my girls’ hair natural is honoring our history and acknowledging our roots. It is embracing our identity and celebrating our authenticity and doing it all un-apologetically. It’s teaching her at a young age that she forever will be different than the rest and that it is not only okay but that it is a blessing.

She will know that authenticity is what inspires and sets her apart from the rest.

I want her to never feel the need to compare nor compete with anyone but herself. And I have noticed that as time passes in keeping her hair natural, everything else flows. When I look at my 9-year old daughter I see knowledge of self, I see conscious thinking, power, resiliency, leadership and the confidence of a million sisters. I see everything she needs to become the person she is destined to become. THAT is why keeping my daughters’ hair natural is important to me.


About The Author

screenshot_20161101-190000Shanillia26 is a 29-year mother of two smart and bubbly little girls working as a fulltime legal advisor. She has embarked on the path of a healthy hair journey to show her girls that the crown their Momma gave them is beautiful.