Krystin Hargrove, founder at CoTripper, a platform where single moms connect for joint family travel.

Summer is upon us and you may or may not have booked your vacation plans. Me, I’m a fly by the seat of my pants travel planner. However, my family never goes a summer without a vacation. Unlike during the school year, over the summer we dictate what our children learn and how to best prepare them for success for the upcoming school year. As my son (9), has gotten older, I see tremendous educational correlations to our travels and his propensity for curiosity and learning. After a lot of research and relating that research to my passion for family travel, today I’m sharing how travel is the best form of continuing education.

Excitement goes a long way  

You know the feeling of being harassed after your child had an amazing time? That feeling of being asked 700 times when they’re going to hang out with that friend again or go back to that place? Excitement goes a long way. A major benefit of travel is giving your children something to look forward to. This may seem small but it’s extremely impactful.

When planning a family vacation, do so with them in mind! Make it routine not just occasionally, I’d suggest every school break and definitely over the summer. Travel experiences provide children the ability to reboot. It can also be used as a motivating factor to keep them focused and on track academically.

Ditch the Instagram focused vacations and book an immersive experience

I get it, we’re sharing society! But not everything is meant to be captured, most things are better suited experienced. The beauty of travel is it exposes us to different people, cultures, and ways of life. You’re doing yourself a disservice if you travel anywhere and don’t immerse yourself in the experience.

Yes, that may mean a little less time on social media showing what an amazing time you’re having. But what that’ll allow you to do is connect with your family and use your travel time as true bonding experience with your kids. It also encourages them to be more adventurous and present in the moment. If you’re on your phone 24/7 on vacation that’s the impression it will leave on your children.

A recent study showed, 74% of educators believe travel has “a very positive impact on students’ personal development.”

A study commissioned by the Student and Youth Travel Association (SYTA), suggests traveling with your kids will make them better in school. I 100% agree with this! If you think about it, it makes a lot of sense right? Just the exposure alone has an impact, from plane rides or road trips, to socializing with children at resorts they don’t know, or even hearing people speak a different language or dress a certain way. All these things are learning points for our children as they develop. They open a gateway for us to explain our differences.

Parents who budget for a vacation, tend to spend more consciously throughout the year

The same benefits I explained that our children experience, we as parents also experience. I’ll take it a step further and say travel isn’t about our income level. It’s about how we plan and what we value. There are endless options for family travel and almost all travel companies have some type of payment plan to meet consumer needs. So the question here becomes if travel is something that interests you and you’re not doing it…why is that?

These are just a few examples of how family travel is the perfect form of continuing education. Now I’ll open up the floor to all of you. Are family vacations a staple in your household? If not, are you ready to begin your family travel journey? Share your thoughts on family travel, your family travel experience, or anything related to family travel you’d like to add to the conversation in the comments.

Krystin Founder at CoTripper