The weekend is approaching and you are probably scouring the web looking for some fun, educational activities for your kids this weekend, right? Right. We have the perfect solution! Sue’s Tech Kitchen is finishing out its tour and has two stops left: Atlanta and Illinois. 

What The What? 

Okay, let’s back up so we can tell you what Sue’s Tech Kitchen is. Sue’s Tech Kitchen is “a tech-fueled wonderland for the mouth and the mind. Envisioned by bestselling author and serial entrepreneur Randi Zuckerberg, designed by a NASA scientist, and featuring technologies from all corners of the modern imagination, Sue’s Tech Kitchen offers a STEM-inspired adventure for the whole family that empowers kids to engage with tomorrow’s technologies and revolutionizes family dining in the process.

Sign us up please.

Here are the facts: 

According to USA News, Black students are largely underrepresented in high paying STEM majors. Majority of students choose majors that reflect their individual interests. With the representation being so low, we can only speculate that Black students just aren’t being stimulated by STEM activities. 

How come?

Access. A lot of STEM programs aren’t located in our neighborhoods. Because of this, parents have to search outside of their comfort zone to locate a STEM program that can spark the interest of their children which in turn can develop into a genuine fascination. A genuine fascination can turn into a possible college major in science or engineering. We can definitely get behind that. 

Why Sue’s Tech Kitchen

Sue’s Tech Kitchen was a vision by Zuckerburg that was brought to life by a team of tech experts, engineers, and scientists. It features  “technologies from all corners of the modern imagination, empowering kids and adults to engage with tomorrow’s advances. Guests can expect interactive edible experiences for all ages that encourage healthy relationships with technology and inspire kids to embrace STEM skills in a fun and collaborative “snack-hack” concept”. Source: Claire Labeaux

How does 3D printed s’mores and binary bracelets sound?

The Deets: 

Sue’s Tech Kitchen at Emory Point: 

  • 855 Emory Point Drive, Atlanta, GA 30329
  • Located across from The General Muir
  • Open Friday, September 14 (9am-9pm), Saturday, September 15 (9am-9pm), and Sunday, September 16 (10am-7pm)
  • Admission is $8 per person (Ages 2 & Under Free)
  • Tickets available for purchase at

Admission includes access to all of the hands-on, interactive exhibits at Sue’s Tech Kitchen, many of which offer tasty, edible treats!

So mamas, will you join us?