How many of you were raised on Jurassic Park? As a little girl, I wanted so badly to be there! Maybe not so much when they escaped and began to eat everyone but nonetheless…you get my point. Well last night, we had the chance to go to Jurassic Quest! I wanted to get this article out as soon as I could because so many of you expressed interest in this fun adventure and the good news is, they are touring! So while they will only be here in Atlanta until Feb. 5th (you have today and tomorrow!), they will be in these locations coming up soon:

Springfield, Roanoke, Jacksonville, Nashville, Charlotte, Syracuse, Mason, Allentown, Des Moines, Oklahoma City, & Conroe.

Jurassic Quest was held at the World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA. If you plan on attending, Marta is best. The train will let you off right at the Congress center and you will not have to fight for parking. Going in, we honestly didn’t know what to expect. Kamryn is four years old so I figured, she will either really love this or will be terrified! I will say, it was a nice combination of both!

My Message To All Parents With Small Children

If your child is like mine and scares easily, do not introduce them to the exhibit right away like I did. When you walk in the room is split in two. On the left side there are the attractions. There is a fossil play area where children can uncover fossils in sand with their little brushes, there is an area where they can ride the dinosaurs, pet baby dinos (my favorite) and also the blow up play areas. There is also a place for adults to have a little fun – it is a gigantic ball that you get into and they push you down a hill. Scary…but fun! 

The right side of the room jumps directly into the exhibit. It is dark, there are guttural noises coming from the dinosaurs and the first thing you see is a 25 foot T. Rex looking like he wants to eat you. To be honest, my daughter had a mini heart attack but she is also prone to scare easily. So  we skipped the right side of the room for close to an hour and I let her play. She slowly warmed up to everything and we were able to spend the last hour or so in the actual exhibit. While she still did not care to get too close to T. Rex, she did enjoy walking through and exhibit and learning about the other dinosaurs. 

You Should Go!

We have been invited to some amazing events here in Atlanta but by far, Jurassic Quest was the most unique of them all. It truly was an experience and even as an adult, I would have loved to go without children. So parents, what I’m saying is that you will not be bored out of your mind while you are here. The exhibit was so informative and I learned things I never knew about dinosaurs, like the fact that some of them had body hair! Who knew? 

The age range for children varies. I saw children there of all ages so I do not want to put a heavy restriction here. My best advice is know your child. Little boys seemed to really love the exhibit, some of the little girls were a little more cautious about it. I saw a two year old stick his head in the mouth of one of the dinos and I saw another running for dear life. For the rides and activities, the website says it is for children ages 3-12 to play but anyone of any age can visit the attraction.

If you loved reading this and checking out my videos covering this event on my Instagram page, make sure you visit Jurassic Quest’s website here to find out more information and see when they are coming to a city near you!

With love,