With Fall time weather approaching, us moms are still desperately searching for fun activities for our little ones. One of our favorite indoor places to visit in Atlanta is the Center of Puppetry Arts. If you have read our other reviews on their shows, then you can probably see why. 

We recently went to the Center of Puppetry Arts to see their showing of Mother Goose. Can we talk about nostalgia? I was instantly tossed back into childhood with a playful rendition of all of my favorite childhood nursery rhymes.

Mary, Mary, quite contrary, How does your garden grow? With silver bells, and cockle shells, And pretty maids all in a row.

The show starts off with Mary in her garden singing about pretty maidens and garden flowers. Apparently Mother Goose has gone missing and all of our nursery rhyme characters are having trouble remembering their lines. In this 45 minute show run, we get to go on an adventure to find Mother Goose and help restore peace to nursery rhyme land. 

A Few Things We Loved

When you think about taking a four year to a show, their attention span is the major concern. The Center of Puppetry Arts crafts all of their shows to an hour or less to hold the attention of busy toddlers and older children – and bored parents. You know I’m telling the truth…we do these activities for our little ones so it is nice to find one that isn’t so dry that we can actually stay entertained as well.

I also loved that Mary was African American. Even in the puppet show, my daughter was able to see a main character that looked like her.  It is one of the main reasons we love shows like Yo Gabba Gabba and Doc McStuffins. It can be hard to find representation in kid shows and movies. Hand clap Center of Puppetry Arts. 

Even though Mother Goose only lasted 45 minutes, you can spend a few hours at the Center of Puppetry Arts having a great time. After the show was over, we made our own cow puppets and played behind a screen to show our cows jumping over the moon. It was a great experience to show Kamryn how puppetry really works. There is also an interactive museum that shows some of our faves like the Jim Henson collection and the Labyrinth puppets. 

If you are interested in visiting The Center Of Puppetry Arts, you can check out their show times and dates on their website. Mother Goose runs until September 17th!