Where To Go Atlanta: Center of Puppetry Arts- The Adventures of Mighty Bug

This past Saturday, Kamryn and I received complimentary tickets to the Center of Puppetry Arts to see their comic book adventure, The Adventures of Mighty Bug.  This absolutely adorable show was so much fun and informative to the life of bugs. It followed Mighty Bug through his day as he visited friends and battled the evil arachnid Scorpiana who held his love, a beautiful butterfly named Morpha, hostage in attempts to take over Bugville.

Majority of the play is done in shadow form, where the actors are behind a screen and use lighting to create the images. The show is narrated by Professor Rhinoceros Beetle, a 3 dimensional rod puppet, who uses his knowledge to describe the different parts and functions of a bug’s body to the audience while helping Mighty Bug throughout the day. 

As a parent, I really enjoyed how informative the show was. It is hard trying to hold the attention of children while also attempting to educate them and I believe that this show delivers the perfect amount of entertainment and facts. The Adventures of Mighty Bug is recommended for children ages 4+ and lasts for an hour. The Center of Puppetry Arts manages to stretch an hour show into a two and a half hour day by also offering activities after the performance. After watching the show the children were ushered into an activity area where they were able to create their own puppets and watch them glow in the dark in a room set up with a black light. In the entry of the center, there were displays of butterflies and different insects that live in Georgia and there was even a large centipede on display for the children to touch. We were actually brave enough to touch the centipede! With each ticket purchased, you also gain entry to the puppet museum which houses the Jim Hensen and Global Collections of puppets.

The Adventures of Mighty Bug runs from January 24th – March 12th.  To find out more information on the show or purchase tickets, visit the Center of Puppetry Arts website here

With love,