A couple of weeks ago, I posted several videos to my social media accounts highlighting my fun Saturday at Atlanta Baby Exchange. For those who are unfamiliar, Atlanta Baby Exchange is a one stop shop for families that offers playgroups and classes for kids, prenatal and parenting resources, and also serves as a resale and consignment boutique.

Yes, Heaven does exist.

I walked into this place and felt like I had stepped into the Plato’s Closet for children mixed with a hint of a fun day care center. Atlanta Baby Exchange is ran by Lyndsey Griffie, who says she created this space out of need. Not only out of need for her but also for other parents.

“During my last pregnancy, I struggled with the thought of returning to work in corporate America and not being as accessible to my children as I would like to be. So, I began searching for opportunities to earn a living that were more suited to my parenting style.” 

Lyndsey Griffie

 Atlanta Baby Exchange also offers many items that would retail in the double and triple digits like high tech jogging strollers and baby carriers, for less than half the market price. The location was equally important to Lyndsey. Her shop is located in Southwest Atlanta where there is a large community of African American mothers who were in need of a space just like this. After searching the internet, she found that nothing like Atlanta Baby Exchange existed in their community. She had her AHA! moment and got to work.




Fun and Exciting Classes

Not only does Atlanta Baby Exchange offer resale and consignment, they also offer fun recreational classes for parent and child. We visited for Stroller Fitness which was a completely new idea to me. Many times after childbirth, women struggle with just how to lose those extra pounds while also caring for their little one. For some women, they can move and groove back into shape in the comfort of their homes but for others, it is not that easy. I have never seen a woman at the gym with a baby strapped to her chest so the options can be intimidating. Lyndsey has partnered up with a certified trainer who works mamas back into shape while using their strollers, with baby safely strapped inside, as a part of the work out regimen. Believe me, it is as cute as it sounds. I watched as women worked out all while entertaining their young ones.

Being a mom rocks. 


In addition to Stroller Fitness, Atlanta Baby Exchange also hosts Infant and Toddler Story Time, Music and Movement classes, as well as Tiny Yogis, where young ones can come to learn how to stretch, breathe, and meditate, to manage their emotions and sharpen their focus.



Lyndsey says that the main goal of Atlanta Baby Exchange is to offer great products and clothing through their resale component at affordable prices as well as provide resources and a sense of community for new families in their classes.

“We are focused on the needs of our community’s young families, and aim to provide opportunities for young families to build community with one another through Atlanta Baby Exchange.”

Lyndsey Griffie

For Lyndsey, one of the greatest parts of being a Mompreneur is being able to bring her children to work with her and participate in the fun and innovating classes held in her business. She gives big thanks to her supportive family and friends who have been a pivotal part in the success of her small business in its first year.



Photo’d: Lyndsey Griffie with her mother and her children

You can find out more about Atlanta Baby Exchange by visiting their website here. Atlanta Baby Exchange is located at 448 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd., # 9 Atlanta, Ga 30312. Their current hours of operation are Tuesday through Saturday from 10 am- 6 pm.

To stay up today on all of Atlanta Baby Exchange’s movements and happenings, follow them on social media at Atlanta Baby Exchange on Facebook and Instagram.

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*This is a sponsored blog post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are my own.