When Shea Moisture Isn’t Enough: 10 Black Owned Hair Care Companies To Support Instead

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Listen. I have mixed feelings about this whole Shea Moisture debacle. I logged online yesterday and was greeted with angry posts, mainly from Black women over their outrage at Shea Moisture’s latest ad. My initial thoughts were: it can’t be that bad. They want to expand. What’s wrong with that? So I searched, I found, and I watched.

And my heart sank. Literally…it sank to the bottom of my feet. 

As Black women, we are left out. That is essentially why this entire platform exists- to give proper representation to Black women in motherhood. That standing fact does not mean that we are exclusive to only African American women. We have many readers of different cultures and races. Even still, our core target- the target group that has built this blog to make it successful, is the Black woman. And for that fact, we would never negate their presence, energy, or purpose from our platform. Essentially, this is what Shea Moisture has done by releasing that initial ad. 

Shea Moisture has issued an apology and as a Black woman, I accept their olive branch. We all make mistakes. It says a lot that they released the ad in the first place but it also says more that they were humble enough to apologize. I can only hope that as a small Black owned business, if we do something to upset our core audience, they take us back when we apologize. Honestly, I pray that I am able to be humble enough to apologize. It is hard out here for us business owners. We never release things with the intent to hurt our audience but sometimes it happens. 

Anyhow, if you find yourself on the other side of that card, we are giving you a list of ten Black owned hair companies you can shop with instead. We are all about options here at Black Moms Blog. Feel free to add any we missed in the comment section. Oh yea, and share this article with your friends. 

Ten Black Owned Hair Companies


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Eden Body Works

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Alikay Naturals

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Mielle Organics

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Dr. Locs

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Girl And Hair

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Camille Rose Naturals


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Taliah Waajid

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