Here on the blog, we give away TONS of product, most especially diaper bags. You would probably judge me if I showed you my closet full of bags. Funny enough, my little one has been out of diapers for almost two years and even still, my diaper bags are my most favorite possession. I would literally purchase a great diaper bag over a regular purse. Judge me not. These mama makers got the bag making business locked down. And I am always happy to support. A question I get asked a lot is- just how do you pack a diaper bag for your big kid if they are no longer in diapers? Don’t worry, I’m going to show you. Before we get there though, let’s talk about some major differences between toddlers and big kids.

Temperament Is Not For The Weak Of Heart

When I was pregnant, everyone warned me of the “Terrible Twos“. I was literally frightened of them. As Kamryn started to creep towards the end of her beautiful one year age stage, I armed myself with all of my plans to be a strict and consistent parent. I wouldn’t give in to temper tantrums, I would not allow her to stay up past her bedtime, and I would not argue with my toddler. As we jumped over the hill into two year old land, I was pleasantly surprised.  She was speaking clear and she was very polite. 

Did I hit the jackpot on baby???

No. Not at all. Terrible twos just really aren’t that terrible. They were a breeze even. Our trouble with temperament started with Age Three- the classic “Threenager“. It was like, one day my daughter woke up and said “F you mom…I will do what I want“. I didn’t even know her anymore. She felt like she had opinions that really mattered. She thought her pout could change my mood. But her cheeks weren’t as cute and puffy as they were when she was a toddler and I began to notice her attempt to play me. Worked on her father but not on me. 

Temperament was a lesson for both of us though. I learned not to discipline when I was upset and to understand that she was going through some major changes…almost like baby puberty. This was all new to her. So we rolled with the punches and as we made it halfway through three, the tide began to change. I got my baby back. 

Food Or Food Aversions?

Maybe we had a reverse effect when it came to food but for us, Kamryn would eat almost anything as a toddler. We would make frozen peas, mashed avocado, and any other type of veggie, she was game for. As a big kid, it is a bit more of a struggle to get her to eat well. I mean, I have to really try. A little bribing goes a long way on a four year old. Recently though, we discovered Beech Nut and as a “I’ll try anything three times” kind of mom, I had to give it a go. For the past few weeks, they have been a constant part of our food rotation, snack time, and meal prep.

How Does This Fit Into My Diaper Bag?

As you can guess, my diaper bag is no longer filled with diapers. Now, it is filled with things like a change of clothes (big kids are just as messy as toddlers), wet wipes, bottles of water, books, dolls, and food. All food. Everywhere. My greedy four year old loves snacking and I have to keep a constant supply at hand to curb hunger pains. Since we have partnered with Beech Nut, this has been a mainstay my diaper bag. Here are a few of my favorite food items they carry:

Fruity Oat Bars: Here’s why I love them– they are made with real fruit and whole grain, no added sugars, dairy free, and there are just 5 ingredients. Oh! And they are made in a peanut free facility. Can I get a hoo-rah for a mom win win?

Quinoa Crispies: They are made with quinoa and my kid loves them. Do I need to say anything more?

Cereal On-The-Go: I love this snack because it’s in a squeezable package. My kid doesn’t know what’s going on but she enjoys it just because she gets to squeeze it in her mouth. The fact that it is organic doesn’t hurt either. 

Oatmeal: So the strange thing about this one is that this is normally served as baby food. As I spoke of earlier, my daughter has food aversion from time to time and it’s hard to get her to eat healthy. I love to carry the oatmeal around because all it takes is hot water and a bowl to mix and she is good to go. If we are out and about, I can easily get water and a bowl from any restaurant to prepare her food. Beech Nut’s oatmeal also has 45% of the recommended daily iron intake packed in every serving.  

To find out more about Beech Nut’s entire line of baby food and drinks, check their website out here

Mamas, share with us below:

What are the biggest differences you have noticed in raising a toddler versus a bigger child ages 4-6?

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This post is sponsored by Beech Nut. All opinions expressed are my own.