What’s In My Bag? Ju-Ju-Be B.F.F. Review & Packing Video

I have never believed that I could ever have too many bags. I have also never believed that any two bags serve the same purpose. Funny enough, I didn’t really become a “bag lady” until I became a mom. Before then, everything that had any importance could be placed neatly in my super tiny clutch. Believe me when I say this clutch is small. It looks like a kid’s purse and I still rock it when I’m without my little one. Being a mom though has somehow turned me into the horrendous human being that has to lug around a suitcase around filled mostly with “what if” items for baby. What if baby messes up her outfit? I have a change of clothes for that. What if baby scrapes her knee? I have ointment for that. What if mommy loses her mind? Well…I have alcohol for that…

I digress. 

Ok, back to what I’m here for. One of my favorite diaper bag companies, Ju-Ju-Be so graciously sent me a few of their AH-MAZING diaper bags (and an extra goodie- the Be Organized!). Now, as a long time lover of Ju-Ju-Be, this was quite the treat for me. Not because their bags are beautiful (because they are gaw-jus) but because they are fully functional and make my life so much easier. My B.F.F. so specially named because it literally becomes your best friend, somehow manages to hold all of the outrageous and unnecessary items I like to have with me while also providing great comfort while wearing. No painful shoulders! 

Some of my favorite features on my B.F.F.:

  • CRUMB DRAINS! Yes, you read that correctly. These geniuses are clearly women. I say that because only a woman- more specifically a mother would be able to think of such a necessary feature on a bag. With the crumb drains, you can clean out your purse without removing a thing! You just tilt to one side or the other and push all the crumbs out through two tiny little holes on each side of the bag.


  • Teflon Treated. Another major plus. So many bags have met their maker due to stains. And with an active baby, park play dates, and my lack of time to properly wash my bags when needed, I have craved a diaper bag that I can just wipe off and go.


  • 3 M Insulate Bottle Holders. Let’s get back to the genius tip: have you ever wondered why diaper bags- bags meant for babies- do not have compartments to actually keep liquid warm or cold? Well, Ju-Ju-Be has two. And this is why I love them. Whether it’s a bottle for baby or a bottle of wine for you (I’m only half way joking), you can slide it into your bottle holders on each side of your bag and be sure that they will stay the temperature that you desire.


  • Key Fob & Cell Phone Pocket. I feel like this doesn’t even need any explanation. I lose things. These things now have a home in my bag. End of story. 

So, now for the good stuff. Below I have a great packing video of my B.F.F. I was definitely supposed to record this video of my Monarch print but the Countess print was desperately begging for some attention so that’s what you see here. I am also recording the video at Happy Mango in Kirkwood so all the goodies you see in the video can be found in store or online here

To shop Ju-Ju-Be, you know where to go! Visit their website here

Share your thoughts…better yet, share the video! Enjoy!

With love,