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Atlanta weather has recently been yo-yo-ing for the past few weeks. We have been going up and down from hot to cold. With the weather warming up though, many parents are desperately searching for a unique combination of fun, educational, and outdoors activities to do with their children. As a mom to a budding four year old, I was desperately craving this exact activity for my child. Recently we partnered with Puzzling Adventures to try out their fun Atlanta tour. 

What Is Puzzling Adventures?

Puzzling Adventures are self guided scavenger hunts which require solving trivia in order to move on to the next step. These fun adventures are specifically targeting education, historical facts, and navigation. They work well for tourists who are visiting a new city, relearning the city you already live in, and educating young ones on some of the facts that make up the places they call home. Puzzling Adventures can be done solo, with a team, or as a family. 

How Does It Work?

With Puzzling Adventures, everything is done online. You visit their website, pick your city, answer the questions, make your payment and when you are ready to start your tour, you enter your code and you are on your way! You can use your code to access your tour whenever you are ready to resume. At the bottom of the blog post, I have a unique code for all Black Moms Blog readers which gives you 60% off discount of your tour. 

So What’s It Really Like?

I’ll be honest, I have been waiting to go on our Puzzling Adventures tour for quite some time. We booked our tour in the Winter time and it has been a waiting game for about three months. Since Kamryn is now in school, we only had availability to go on weekends and since most weekends have been cold, the few warm ones we have had, we have struggled to make it due to having other obligations.

That actually brings up the best part about the Puzzling Adventures tours- it isn’t a race and doesn’t have a time limit. We have been able to do a little bit of our tour at a time. My four year old has a pretty radical attention span so anything longer than about 30 minutes, she wasn’t up for. So we split our tour into two weekends and explored our city. I will admit, she was a little young to really enjoy the tour. It was more enjoyable for me as the parent because it did require reading, answering questions, and a little bit of research. 

If you are going on a Puzzling Adventures tour with your child in mind, my suggested age range would be reading age. That way your child can read the clues and really connect with the information that is being taught to them. At the same time, a Puzzling Adventures tour would be fun for parents or friends as a date night or activity day. They have just added their over 21 beer and wine tours. Can I get a hoo rah???

Here’s A Coupon Code For You!

I’m compiling a list of great outdoors activities to do in Georgia this summer and this tour will definitely be on it! If you are interested in doing something fun with the whole family, consider going on a Puzzling Adventures tour. If you are not located in Georgia visit their website here to see if your city is on their map! Also, use coupon code BMB20 for 60% off of your tour purchase!

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This post is sponsored by Puzzling Adventures. All opinions expressed are my own.