What It Is Like To Be Black & Hispanic In Our Country’s Racial Climate


As a Black Hispanic, I rarely feel like I fit in.  To Hispanics, I am too dark (especially since I went natural) and to Black people, I am considered only Hispanic. Even still, my race is Black. My ethnicity is Hispanic.  The color of my skin has nothing to do with the language we speak or the country we were born in. Sometimes we are hit with the stereotype that as Black Hispanics, we think we are better than others because we are mixed or because we speak Spanish. I go through the same discrimination that others go through. My family and I feel and understand what it is like to be Black in this country. Whether Black or Hispanic, our pain is united.  As the mother to a beautiful Black and Hispanic child, my goal is to teach him to respect every race and embrace his own. 

I talk to my son in Spanish. Not because it is a luxury or because it is the “smart” thing to do. I do it because it is a part of his culture. I want my son to be aware of who he is as a Hispanic and Black man and how it relates to how the world sees him. He has to understand how his race and ethnicity plays a part in the discrimination we face in this country. Ultimately, I want my son to know that he is valuable no matter what and I pray everyday that he finds pride in who he is. 

There are dangers when justice is your passion. The actors and issues change at lightning speed. With everything going on in our country, it is hard to keep up with what side of ethical issues you are supposed to be on. The danger of being written off by your own community as selfish, ignorant and unconcerned is just as bad, if not worse. These are issues I have faced being of mixed race. I never want to appear to be any of those things or have my son feel any of these things. 

There are dangers when justice is your passion.

It will help us to remember this: God says, “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you. And before you were born, I consecrated you”. My son is fearfully and wonderfully made with a purpose for a purpose…especially during these difficult times.

We are proud. We are Black and Hispanic. 

With Love, 


About the Author: Milka Dulcine is 25 years old singer and preacher. She is a mother to a beautiful little boy and the wife to a youth pastor. She and her husband attend Oakwood University, a Black Christian university to continue their studies and work full time in the ministry.