Every so often, I love to reach out to Black Moms Blog’s online community and get their feedback on certain topics. Since we are a community of mothers, I definitely wanted to hear back from them for Mother’s Day. A couple of weeks ago, I posed the question: What Does Motherhood Mean To You“? The answers were so beautiful and thoughtful. I realized that motherhood has different meanings for different people but the one thing that brings it all together is love.

I asked myself as well and I realized it was not an answer that could be summed up into a few short sentences. To me, Motherhood has meant loving my heart outside of my body. It has meant a true understanding of agape love. Motherhood is being faced with a part of yourself everyday; sometimes it is good and sometimes it is ugly. Motherhood is looking in the mirror constantly and learning more about who you are as a woman and as a provider to our children.

I want to say thank you to everyone who participated and shared what Motherhood means to them. If you did not get a chance to add what it means to you, please feel free to leave a comment below!

What Does Motherhood Mean To You?

@LilyYange: “Becoming the mother I once loved dearly. My mother was my world so losing her and not having her for each milestone I’ve been through, including my sons birth has affected me a lot. I hope I can continue to witness each and every milestone my son takes & I hope I’m around long enough to witness him become a husband & a father. That’s what motherhood means to me”


@SweetLocs14: “Motherhood is being a vessel and servant to the Creator, my son’s smile is Love in it’s purest form!”


@LindaMabhenaolagunju: Having to watch your heart walk outside of your body and praying that no one hurts it.”


@Artsigned_Pfitts: “Everything. Morning smiles are like sunlight through the window in the morning. Love my children and the joy

they bring”


@DarlingLomax: “For me it’s The epitome of having your heart in human form, fear, sacrifice, a second chance…. Motherhood is life.”

@CocoPieClothing:Motherhood is innate. It’s birth and rebirth, it’s the epitome of a never ending evolution.”

@SugarLipslee:To me it means unconditional love for your seed. Motherhood is a sacrifice women make to reproduce and experience a bond like no other. Motherhood is nurturing and caring, sleepless nights and heartache. But it’s worth it!!!!”

@Melanated.Womanist: Everything.

@Tishushu: Helping to continue past generations of love and community into the coming generations.”

@LifeAfterSummer:“Motherhood is learning how to love and how to let myself be loved… Unconditionally. It’s exhibiting the fruits of the spirit during the hardest moments. Love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. It’s a bond that is nurtured continuously. It will always be a sacrifice like the day our bodies accepted the seed.”

@Val.e.r.i.a: “Its the sunshine in my daughter’s eyes but most of all its the love and bond we share. Its the selflessness of putting her first in all decisions I make. Its magic. Its joy. Its the highest and most sacred responsibility I have ever assumed as a mother.”



@PemRose414: “Hope, purpose, everlasting and unwavering love.”

@KeyKeyw987: Cannot explain it in words because the feeling is speechless. The best I can do is say I exist because of them, not the other away around.”

@AKingsma:“The most terrifying, exhausting, surprising & rewarding work I’ve ever done.”

@__Misscee__: “My eyes literally watered up when I repeated the statement out loud. My first thought: LOVE ?. Motherhood is an privilege & a honor and isn’t to be taken lightly. It’s so filling and just enough.”

@Sweet_Luv0714: “Motherhood is unconditional love, sleepless nights, sacrifice, nurturer, strong, compassionate, graceful, joyful and faithful. Motherhood is a privilege and when a woman decides to have a child she needs to be able to uphold all these things I just described and more.”

@MsSmithers: Motherhood to me means being accountable for my daughter as I day I will stand before God & have to give an account for her life as she is really His, being present for her & even though I’m tired & need a nap, speaking strength, encouragement, love over her, walking the walk & not bs-ing it as she pays attention!!, keeping my/the peace with her father as I’ve learned fighting gets us no where, trusting God to see us through as there where times i didn’t know what to do,having patients with her & myself as there are days smh lol, it’s means blessings, smiles, wiping tears & poop, to hear my parents say “I remember when you did”, I could go on however it’s a joy & honor.”

@Phnewfula: “Motherhood is life!!! Your life opens up and is filled when you have children.”

@BaldheadMystic: “Motherhood means selfless ambition. Waking up everyday to give your child(ren) the world.”

@Soul.Beautiful:Motherhood means SACRIFICE! The measures we take , the risks we put ourselves in just to provide for our little ones! Motherhood means SELFLESSNESS. To put aside YOUR needs and put your children’s needs before yours because they are depending on you. Motherhood means NUTURE! That feeling that WE ALL CRAVE and respond to when we’re feeling blue. Sometimes we really don’t need anything but some hugs and kisses from mommy. Its the little things that truly matter! And I’m complete!”

@Dr_hh: Being re-born again, an insurmountable love.

@StylishlyConfidentMum: “Being the best you first, so you can be the best for your children.”

What Does Motherhood Mean To You?