Early September Jasiah’s Mom, my sister –  Kinder, noticed Jasiah began to walk differently. Initially, she believed it was due to his new school load because he felt no pain. This was our boy’s first year in middle school. Kinder immediately purchased him a newer backpack with better back support thinking that would solve the issue. Unfortunately, it didn’t.

One morning while walking to school, Jasiah had to hold on to her to walk. Something wasn’t right so Kinder took him to his pediatrician even though he still felt no pain. His pediatrician told her to take him to Cohen’s Children Medical Center immediately because it could be attributed to neurological issues or a tumor. After numerous tests that night, it was determined that there was a tumor in his spine and surgery was required. After a grueling 11 hour surgery, the doctor informed us that Jasiah had cancer and they were only able to remove 75% from his spine. The doctors have now diagnosed Jasiah with Astrocytoma, which is a form of brain cancer. Jasiah has a long road ahead of him including physical therapy, occupational therapy, radiation and chemo therapy. The doctors have given Jasiah a 50/50 prognosis of walking again and life span. Its been a month since he has had the surgery and he’s able to move his left foot again. I am just thankful that my sister recognized the difference in her child. God worked through Jasiah’s pediatrician by allowing her to recognize the magnitude of what other’s may not have acknowledged.

Jasiah is the most intelligent, loving, and the sweetest child I know. He is an honor student. As with any child, he would rather be home playing his games without a care. This amazing child would also rather be home staying on top of his school work and spending time with his family. Throughout this situation, his strength has remained unimaginable – bypassing that of many adults.

Kinder is also one of the strongest, most independent women I know and would never ask for anything. This is why it is so important that she has an even stronger support system. Kinder has a full-time and part-time job while also running a non-profit organization. Kinder also has another child. She has been stretched so much throughout this process but she has not allowed it to break her. She has watched her child Jasiah hurt physically and emotionally while trying to remain strong. Kinder has been unable to work both jobs due to the circumstances and will most likely need to take leave from the other one. Her household bills will not stop and neither will the necessities required for Jasiah during this time.

I am asking that you donate whatever you can to show her that what she proudly instills in the young ladies through her non-profit organization, I Am Your Sister, Inc. is real. Guidance and support is necessary to thrive.

We are grateful for any help that you may be able to provide! Please continue to keep this family in your prayers!