Vacationing In Real Time: How To Not Do It For The ‘Gram.

About a month ago, I booked my daughter and I a cruise to the Bahamas. I found an amazing deal on Groupon, coupled with a few cheap seats on Spirit, and I had planned the perfect Winter getaway: three days of cruising, 80 degree weather, and a warm ocean breeze. There are multiple reasons I booked this mini vacation –

  1. It was inexpensive,
  2. It was cold in Atlanta and I needed to remember that the sun still existed,

And most importantly,

3. I was tired. 

The end of the year is always exhausting. People believe that blogging isn’t much work (insert sarcasm here) but the end of the year is the time that the big brands come out of hiding and want all the bells and whistles on their posts – which means photography, wrangling unwilling children together for photos, trying to be creative enough to actually type a 500 word article about a diaper and still have the mental capacity to function. By time January comes around, I am done. This usually results in me doing the bare minimum and burying myself deep into the pits of my bed never to be seen or heard from again until March. 

Or in this case, jumping on an airplane with my six year old and heading to Florida to board a cruise. 

When I shared the news with my friends and internet comrades, the first thing they all said was some rendition of, “OMG I cannot WAIT to see the pictures!”. And instantly, I became tired again. Remember the days when vacation was actually vacation? For a blogger, taking photos constitutes as real work and honestly, I just did not feel like taking a ton of photos on my vacation. Someone else asked me if I planned on blogging about the trip. My first answer was NO, this is vacation but because of my annoyance, I am actually blogging about it – I am blogging to say that mom bloggers, hell, any sort of blogger, does not always feel like blogging about their life, especially their down time.

Because of social media, we have completely forgotten how to simply relax and do nothing. Yes, there are white sandy beaches, colorful doors, and locals who are just dying to make us look cool as we pose with them (insert sarcasm here again) but here is a real breakdown of what it looks like to take photos on vacation:

  • Scenario 1: If you are traveling alone with your child, you have to nag strangers to take photos of you every five minutes. And these aren’t regular cheesy and smiling photos. There are dramatic, fake laughing photos in some large hat, two piece Liza Minnelli outfit and the entire time, this random stranger holding your $5,000 camera is looking at you like you are nuts. They are doing this because you have asked them to take this photo about 20 times. They aren’t a professional photographer. They aren’t used to this. By photo number three, they want to run away. But you can’t let them…because you just have to get the shot.
  • Scenario 2: You trust your child with your camera. This is normally an iPhone picture. To be honest, children tend to take pretty decent photos. To sweeten the deal, they actually enjoy it. They will snap pictures of mommy all day drinking fake coffee and smelling flowers at a boutique that she never plans to buy. In this scenario, you run the risk of looking like that self absorbed mom who is putting their child through slave labor for Instagram likes. I mean, even though our 500,000 followers know what we do for a living, that passerby in St. Lucia just thinks you are cray cray. 
  • Scenario 3: You go on vacation with your friends and turn them into your personal photographer. They may not tell you to your face but…they hate you. End scene.

So. For this trip, I promised myself just a few photos. I didn’t bring my Canon on purpose and I left my iPhone in the room 80% of the time. I turned my brain off and spent real time with my daughter. We laughed, we played games, and we built sand castles on the beach. We paused and took our few photos, I put my phone up and we went back to just being regular people on vacation. And it felt good. It made me realize that every moment does not have to be snapped, every amazing meal doesn’t need to be recorded, and it felt amazing not to have to dress up and be extra. I just wanted to be. And I did. 

The burn out is real mamas. Prioritize the secret life. This post is specifically for my blogging mamas because I know, this is work for us. You understand me. But sometimes, it is perfectly okay to take a real vacation. You deserve it. 

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