Krystin Hargrove  - Black Moms Blog - Try This Affirmation for Mastering Motherhood on the Go

We all know motherhood’s a journey. Think of this as an opinion piece or a recap of the very simple concept that changed how I’d mother forever. To clarify, by simple I don’t mean easy, I mean not conceptually difficult to understand. The simple truth is, You Are In Control. Now I’ll share my back story and the simplicity of this concept.

A narrative I heard quite often prior to having children is, “your life will never be the same!” We’ve all heard that right? Which is absolutely true, motherhood has completely changed my life. Prior to having my first child at 24, I traveled, had fun with friends, and basically lived my best life. My current situation post children, I travel, have fun with friends, and I live my best life. You’re probably like where’s she going with this…one day after feeling overwhelmed, depressed, and super anxious over managing all the moving parts of my life, I had an epiphany. I AM IN CONTROL!

Just before having this realization, I sat in my new apartment with my two kids, feeling so upset. I thought about how difficult it was going to be raising them as a single mom (by single I mean head of my household). I’m not in a relationship with either of their father’s, but we’re all in partnership as parents. I thought about the limitations that seemingly presented themselves, like all the places I wanted to take them and things I wanted to show them. I thought how could those things be possible now, How could I make those things our reality on my own.

No matter if your relationship status is married, single, or it’s complicated, I believe this saying holds true for every mother. Affirm, you are in control.

Krystin Hargrove  - Black Moms Blog - Try This Affirmation for Mastering Motherhood on the Go

On the verge of a total meltdown, I went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. I looked at myself and said, this your 1st challenge, are you going to feel sorry for yourself, aren’t your children a gift, aren’t you their mom on purpose, are you saying something or someone can stop you other than yourself? Slowly I stood a little taller in the mirror, I felt stronger with every answer I gave myself to those questions, and that’s when I decided, I’m in control!

Motherhood is constant movement; physically and mentally we’re in some way on the go. Picking up or dropping off kids (the original Uber), headed to work, shopping, cleaning, doing homework, taking care of ourselves, putting kids to bed, traveling, the list goes on and on. I think sometimes we forget our superpower! Life is never going to slow down or get easier, but we are in control. Once I tapped into that control through every situation, whether good things or a challenge, my world began to open up. I started doing more, I became extremely confident in my choices, whether not feeling guilty for taking me time, disciplining my kids, or asking for help. Whatever it was, I maintained control within myself to make sound choices and decisions, choosing not to give up living the life I wanted, but rather making necessary changes to support what’s best for me and my family.

We’re mothers but we’re also human, so no matter what, be reminded our saving grace is control. Whatever “on the go” place you find yourself in at this moment, you got this mama, repeat after me, I affirm I am in control.

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