The High Museum of Art is normally known for its aristocratic art pieces- sculptures from the biblical time period, Roman royalty, and featured works from some of the greats like Salvador Dali and the Habsburgs. Before having my daughter, I normally only went to the High Museum for their special events and never even considered going there as a place for toddler entertainment.

Last year, the museum had a great deal going on Groupon for a discount on their membership tickets. Another mom and I decided to purchase the membership together. With the membership, you get entry for one full year for two adults and four children. Children under five are free and a member can bring up to five guests under their membership pass for only $5 a person. That’s an amazing offer compared to the regular $19.50 ticket price for adults and $12.00 price for children 6-17.

Toddler Thursday is every Thursday of the week from 11am- 3pm. The schedule is open and flexible which is a huge plus because it means you can come at any point between that time frame and still be able to participate in all of the activities.



There are three different activities for the children to participate in that are focused on a single themed book. This Thursday’s theme was on Oliver Jeffers’s book- Up and Down, which is about a little penguin who wants to fly.

We arrived at the museum at 12:30 and decided to start with Workshop 3 which was making wearable wings. This was so much fun because it included the children being able to decorate their own cute little wings with chalk, ribbons, glue sticks, colorful feathers, and different color papers. It was fairly easy to do with the help of parents for cutting and precision but for the most part, the toddlers were able to work independently to craft their own wings. The total activity took roughly twenty minutes to complete and once finished, we walked to the front where two very friendly and polite staff members showed us how to attach string to put the wings on Kamryn’s back.

While waiting for the next 1:30pm storytime slot, we went to the Greene Family Learning Gallery on the first floor. There were two other families there which made great for socializing. We played for about 30 minutes going between the magnetic board, the blocks, reading bus, and the drawing station. Everything was child friendly, clean, safe, and easy for children to use independently. It was fun to follow her around to see where she would decide to go next. And of course, she wore her Butterfly Wings everywhere we went.

Lastly, we attended the storytime session. The staff member was engaged and interested in the children and the book. She asked questions, allowed them to turn pages, and act out different parts of the story. As a parent, this was probably my favorite activity because it allowed the children to recall what was happening and connect the dots on all of the activities that day.

Overall, Toddler Thursday received 5 out of 5 stars. It was easy to spend two hours in the museum without Kamryn getting bored or fussy. All of the activities were fun, colorful, and educational. The staff members were friendly and the environment was clean.

An Added Bonus– The High Museum offers complimentary coat checking! This is perfect for those cold winter days that you do not want to lug around your jacket while visiting the museum.

For transportation, if you are able to take Marta, I would suggest it. The museum is directly across the street from Lindbergh Marta Station. There are steps you can take or an elevator to access the museum from the bottom level. The parking lot can be expensive depending on how long you stay- ranging anywhere from $5-$15 in total. There is metered parking on the street that is reasonably priced if you do decide to drive.

Have you visited the High Museum on Toddler Thursday? I would love to hear your feedback below!

With love,