As we are slowly making our way out of the long and cold Winter months, now is the time to start preparing our skin for the warm weather. It is time to say goodbye to flaky and dry skin and welcome in a wave of the luminous glow that the Spring and Summer months bless us with. Remember when we used to run away from dewy skin? We covered our pores with heavy dusting powders to get rid of the shine and now every beauty store is selling out of highlighter. Okay. We see you, God. Thank you for allowing us to shine. Anyhow, just like the wave has changed when it comes to glow or no glow, there are many urban myths to debunk when it comes to Black skin.

Black Don’t Crack

Listen. I know Angela Bassett has not aged in the last thirty years but we are not all that lucky. Angela Bassett also takes really amazing care of her skin. We have heard this myth many times – Black people don’t age. In reality, we do age. Even if it is at a slower rate than our counterparts. The way we show our age quicker, is by not taking care of our skin. Because baby, that Black will crack and I can promise, you will not be happy about it. One of the first things to go for us are our eyes. You can start to notice them darkening. You can fight this by up’ing your water intake to around 8 glasses a day.

What happens when those cracks actually start to appear? We have a solution for that. With so many products on the market, how do you know where to go to find skincare options unique to our skin? How about starting with a company that is Black owned and knows first hand exactly what our skin is asking for. Bolden Skincare’s tag line: “Cruelty-free skincare that works really well for Black and Brown girls” is a testament that they have our skincare needs at the forefront of their business.

Recently, I had the opportunity to try out a few of their products. My skin is so dry right now, I am applying my regular oil multiple times a day, just to end up with dry skin again in a few hours. Last week, I tried Bolden’s Glow Hydrating Mask in conjunction with their cleanser, toner, and finished up with their Sweet Vanilla 100% Shea Oil with Vitamin E. I was nervous. Seriously. Anything with a scent on my skin breaks me out but I sent a few prayers up and went for it. As someone who used to have a skincare line, I am super picky with my facial masks but Bolden’s Hydrating Mask worked wonders. Before using the mask, I cleansed my skin with their cleanser, did a light pat to absorb any extra water and applied to mask to my skin. It was cool, lightweight, and dried fast which was a major plus. After rinsing it off, I applied the toner and let it sit. Before using the oil, my skin was already glowing! I am naturally shiny but this was more of a dewy glow. I finished my home facial by applying the shea oil. I am on day eight of using their products and I can tell you, there isn’t any cracked skin over this way!

Dark Spots Are Permanent

Most Black women suffer from hyper-pigmentation. Hyper-pigmentation is the result of excess melanin in a concentrated area of the skin causing dark spots which seem to never go away. We cover them with make up and hope for the best. You can choose expensive treatments like chemical peels to get rid of the dark spots but there are also over the counter solutions to clear up your skin as well. Bolden Skincare offers a nighttime repair serum that contains 10% glycolic acid that works to fade dark spots while restoring clarity, elasticity, and firmness to your skin. The glycolic acid exfoliates dead and damaged skin cells and stimulates collagen production for a healthier glow.

Dark spots can be caused by excess hair growth, pimples, and too much sun exposure…which leads to our last myth:

Black People Don’t Need Sunscreen

Oye. How many times have you heard this? I’ll be honest – I am completely guilty. Growing up in the South, I spent many hot summers baking under the sun. Because I am a darker complexion, I did not have too much peeling or redness. It took birthing my daughter, who is a little almond buttercup, to see her skin peel on Summer days to realize I’ve been living reckless my entire existence! Black people, we do need sunscreen. It just is what it is. Thankfully, Bolden Skincare offers their Brightening Moisturizer with SPF 30 to protect the skin and improve the texture and appearance. No more risking it all. We need to preserve our beauty and watch out for our health.

Interested in checking out more products from Bolden Skincare? You can visit their website here.

What myths have you heard when it comes to Black skincare? Share with us below!

This post was sponsored by Bolden Skincare. All opinions are my own.

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