When I had my first daughter I was a professional ballet dancer. I danced the entire time I was pregnant and wanted to have a natural birth. This time around I worked out in the gym and maintained a healthy diet. I knew what to expect from my previous pregnancy and understood the amount of pain I would endure.  I still wanted to have a natural birth, something about feeling the pain of birth makes me feel more connected to the entire experience.


When it came time to have my second daughter I went past my due date just like I did with my first daughter. I was actually two weeks late with my first but she came naturally when she was ready. When my doctor suggested I get induced this time around I was scared and stressed out. I don’t really like taking pills or doing anything to alter the natural process of life. However when I got to be 41 weeks and I wasn’t dilating on my own he became concerned with the health of me and the baby so I agreed to get induced.


The Big Moment

We went into the hospital at 10pm on 8/26 and I was hooked up to a monitor and given a pill vaginally to soften my cervix. The entire night I had contractions and they weren’t extremely painful but they kept me up. At 8am the next day my doctor walked in and checked me, I was only dilated to two centimeters. So he gave me some Pitocin to speed up the labor. Prior to the Pitocin I was able to breathe through my contractions and deal with the labor naturally. After the Pitocin I went into an hours worth of extreme and intense pain. My husband warned the doctors of this, because I was given Pitocin with my first daughter and my body reacts to it faster than the average person. Just like with my first daughter I went from 2cm to 10cm within 45 minutes of taking it. If it wasn’t for my husband I would have gotten pain medicine and or tried to take the baby out with my bare hands. The pain was so unbearable that I literally screamed with every single contraction. I could feel her head and the nurses didn’t believe that I was dilated that quickly. After checking me they realized that I was indeed ready to push. I pushed four to five times and then out came my baby girl. It was one of the most fulfilling yet painful experiences of my life.


The Truth About My Experience

My birthing experience was not as I planned; yes I had a natural birth minus the Pitocin the doctor gave me. However I wanted to have a peaceful calm environment to bring my baby into this world. However the amount of pain I was in became so overwhelming that I was extremely stressed out and frustrated as I pushed her out. My husband was amazing during the entire process. He held my hand, rubbed my back and never left my side. My daughter and mother were in the room for a while but then I had them leave for the last hour until I started pushing. The most important thing to me is that my daughter was born healthy and happy, and despite her entrance she has such a beautiful calm spirit. The one thing I would suggest to all women is to have a doctor who understands and respects your wishes. Also be open to having a completely different experience then you planned for. The main goal is to get your baby earth side healthy, and for you as a mother to be safe as well.




About the Author:

Ashley Sirah Nicole Chea is a mother of two beautiful little girls, a wife, and the owner and creator of the Beautiful Me campaign. The campaign focuses on the empowerment and love for self and others utilizing art, speaking engagements and docu-series. She is also the author of a children’s book series focusing on diversity with its first instillation out titled “Beautiful Beautiful Me”.  Watermeloneggrolls.com is Ashley Sirah’s website that herself and her husband use to blog about love, family, healthy living and parenting. With her life and company slogan, We are born to Create, Love and Empower. Ashley is slowly changing the way people approach life.