This past Tuesday, my firstborn son Aiden turned 8 years old. My nickname for him is “Little Engineer” because he is always building, fixing, and figuring things out. While mathematics and engineering are not my strong points, they are a piece of cake for him. Whenever I have a problem, I ask Aiden before I ask anyone else! Believe it or not, 9 times out of 10, he has the solution. That is why this year I wanted to gift my Little Engineer something fun yet educational. I searched and asked around for gifting ideas and a dear friend of mine told me about an amazing company that creatively combines all of Aiden’s favorite subjects with play.

     To my delight and relief, The Kiwi Crate by Kiwi Co has been the answer to my prayers and Aiden couldn’t be happier! The Solar System Kiwi Crate is more than perfect for him. It even came with a magazine featuring comics, articles, and an additional project revolving around the solar system! Not to mention, being that Christmas was right around the corner, I went ahead and ordered The Koala Music Crate for my toddler son Kayson. Both the Kiwi and Koala crates came with very clear and simple instructions for putting together each project. Aiden breezed through all the steps on his own and after looking through Kayson’s box, I am sure that we won’t have any problems putting his together! Like Aiden’s crate, Kayson’s music kit came with a magazine that is filled with a fun story, games and directions for an additional project.


      Overall, what I love most about Kiwi Co is that it stands by STEAM’s educational approach to incorporate Science, Tech, Engineering, Art, and Math all into the learning process. In addition, we are an environmentally conscious family and Kiwi Co fits right into our recycling plan! Although we have a recycling bin at home, I do not want to let go of my Kiwi boxes just yet. Both of our kit boxes are very sturdy and perfect for storage use around our home. We have decided to use one box as a coloring box while the other box conveniently stores my paintbrushes.


     Being new to Kiwi Co, at first, I only chose the one-month subscription. However, after having such a wonderful experience with our new crates, I have signed up for the 12-month subscription plan for both Aiden and Kayson. I am always looking for ways to encourage them educationally and because of Kiwi Co I can check that off my list of things to do. I am so excited for my children to learn new things and explore with Kiwi Co and I will be referring them to all my family and friends.  I have marked my calendar for the next subscription arrival and we literally cannot wait for our other kits to come in the mail!




*This post is sponsored by The Paper and Packaging Board – How Life Unfolds® . All opinions expressed are my own.