The Rundown on Aralyte: The Organic Method of Early Peanut Introduction


This blog post is sponsored by Aralyte. All opinions expressed are my own.

Have you ever known someone with a peanut allergy? With all of the preparation and research many new mothers do, food allergens are definitely at the top of the list. Having a peanut allergy can make it very difficult for a child to eat certain foods or even be in particular environments. That is why I was so excited to partner with Aralyte to see what it was all about. Aralyte is the doctor recommended method of early peanut introduction. Even though some children may outgrow their peanut allergy, using an all-natural organic peanut extract that is specifically designed to introduce the peanut allergen is the safe and convenient way for all parents. 


Even though Kamryn is four years old, it was great to familiarize myself with Aralyte because I know a lot of my readers (Hi!) are expecting and are new mothers. S
o mamas…and dads, this is for you. Even more exciting, if you like what you read, I am offering a great coupon code for you to purchase this product for your little one.

Aralyte is all natural and organic but I still suggest taking your start kit to your child’s doctor along with the provided information packets so that you can review the information together before using. 


Using Aralyte is very simple. Each kit contains single liquid doses of the peanut extract that can be given directly to your child or mixed in with food or formula. This gives parents controlled amounts of peanut proteins for early introduction and since it contains essential vitamins like vitamin D, it is a great combination with breastfeeding or formula. Aralyte does not cure or treat existing peanut allergies but works to prevent the allergen from developing.

As a mom, I had to taste the extract myself and it was delicious! As you can imagine, it tasted just like peanuts. The recommended age for introduction to your child’s diet is between four to eleven months of age. The taste is great but the biggest selling point for me when it comes to Aralyte is that the company closely follows the protocol used in the LEAP (Learning about Early Allergy Prevention) study, which states that early introduction of peanuts could prevent allergy development in high risk infants. The American Academy of Pediatrics also recommends early allergy introduction for all infants, not just high risk ones. While Aralyte does not promise the same results given in these particular studies, the company does strive to decrease the allergy from occurring in babies. 


Kamryn loved her lollipops included in our Aralyte package. 

I feel confident giving Aralyte my stamp of approval. If you are interested in testing out this product yourself, you can use our coupon code: “Aralyte x Black Moms Blog” to take 15% off of your purchase of their 3- month regimen. To find out more information about Aralyte, you can visit their website here. Let us know in the comments if this is a product you would consider using and why. 

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