Don’t worry. You read that correctly. We are recapping our annual Period Party and it has left a few people, women surprisingly, very confused on just what it is that we are doing.

What Is A “Period” Party?

The Period Party is an annual menstrual celebration for young girls and women that helps them understand and become more prepared for their menstrual cycles. We cover topics like fibroid elimination, how diet and product ingredients can affect your periods, and conversation starters for mothers to have with their daughters – and sons on the topics of menstruation.

The Period Party follows up our annual Menstrual Drive where we collect tampons, pads, and menstrual cups for a local Atlanta women’s homeless shelter. This year alone, we collected over 1,000 donations! That is more than we have collected in over two years of holding this drive.

What Is The Purpose?

What is your menstruation story? If you are like most women, you probably began your period at home or school. Your mom gave you a box of pads and you eventually learned how to use tampons from a foldable instruction sheet of a woman inserting one inside your tampon box. You were not given any proper education around your cycle. Most importantly, you were not taught that what was happening to you was completely normal and something to be celebrated.

My Personal Struggle

As a woman that has always suffered from irregular menstruation, I began this movement as a help to myself. Even though my cycle is not painful or extremely heavy, many factors affect the length between my menstruation. I can have a period anywhere from 28 days to 51 days in between. I began to look into things like my diet, which products I was using, and how I maintained my stress level to be contributing factors.

I also wanted to created this event for my daughter. She is seven years old and has not began her cycle yet but I know one day she will. And when that day comes, I don’t want her standing in confusion over her normal bodily functions.

Our Panelists

Our panelists were a unique group of women that served many different aspects to our menstrual conversations. We had Ahki Taylor, a celebrity chef and wellness guru – she is also the author of The Fibroid Elimination Guide, Beatrice “Bea” Dixon, founder of The Honey Pot Co., Dr. Maeling Murphy, the creator of a chart we use during the event to learn how to track our menstrual cycles and ovulation for wanted pregnancy or pregnancy prevention, and Janelle King, a vaginal wellness nurse.

Tie Simpson taught women simple yoga movements they could practice to ease their menstrual cramp symptoms.

The Menstrual Drive – And How You Can Start Your Own

I am encouraging each and every woman reading this article to get involved in your own community. I urge you to have a conversation around menstrual cycles with your own children and to periodically donate menstrual items to your local homeless shelter. There are nearly 220,000 homeless women in the United States alone on any given night. Most of these women and young girls have to choose between food for the day or taking care of their menses. While food and clothing donations are greatly appreciated at women’s shelters, let us remember that feeling clean and sanitary can also make a person feel human again.

You do not have to have a huge following to make a big impact. You can start a drive at home. Call, email, and text your friends and family. Spread the word through your own social accounts. Tell those around you to pick up an additional box of tampons or pads during their next store run. Ask your pregnant friends to donate their unused stash. Once a month, drop off a donation box at a shelter. Anyone can make a big impact.

Are you interested in having us throw a Period Party in your city or place of business? Send us an email:

Thank You To Our Sponsors

Thank you to our amazing sponsors for their time, energy and efforts for this event!

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