Lately, it’s been complicated finding a balance in my home and work life. Being a mom, wife, daughter and business owner can be tricky to balance without proper discipline.  

Since my youngest son Lyric diagnosis of Autism, it’s become very complicated to juggle everything. Now keep in mind, my oldest son Anthony Jr. is 12 years old with Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy and a host of additional challenges. Between running around between therapies for both children, running my household and building my organization, I’ve been very neglectful to myself which isn’t good at all. I needed to get rid of something that was on my plate to make room for the new diagnosis my baby boy got. I mean this was a new set of challenges that I now needed to learn. A new set of challenges that requires my full attention. 

I removed things I loved to do for myself, exercising, reading, etc. just overall me time. To accommodate my family. As much as I know this to be a no-no, I still did it. I still reverted back to old habits. These were the habits I adopted with my 1st born. Once I knew what was ahead of him I started immediately neglecting myself.  It took a very long time to understand the importance of self-care so, how did I end up back here? How did I revert back to old habits?

As days went on without my routine self-care, I started to feel run down my body started to ache and I found myself getting depressed and anxious all over again. I started to feel the very same feelings I worked hard to eliminate in the past. I knew once I started feeling that same anixety, depression, stress, joint pain, back pain etc. it was time to start making a change once again. 

I sat down and made a schedule, I prioritized and put the schedule on paper and in my calendar on both of my mobile devices. I made a vow to never allow myself to get to that low point ever again. I started reinforcing the lessons taught to me so that I can regain my self and get centered again. How did I do it? Here’s how!

  1. Set the schedule and put it on paper and on mobile devices
  2. Sat my family down and explained the importance of me time and ask that they support me in that move. I ask for 30 mins prior to my day starting and 30 mins after my day. This gives me an opportunity to relax and center myself so that I can enter my day with positive thoughts and upbeat energy as well as end my day with gratitude and love. 
  3. I set my boundaries with my friends and family. If there is something that I know will stress me out or will cause added pressures to my life, I decline. It doesn’t mean you are a bad person, it just means you know your limits and you choose to honor yourself and your peaceful place. 
  4. I remove myself from situation that can disrupt my peaceful place. There are times you will not be able to foresee drama, so when it happens you have to remove yourself immediately so that you do not disrupt your peaceful center.

There are days when I must adjust and make exceptions to my rules. Honestly it really depends on the situation for which I am accomodating. For the most part I stick to my routine and make no excuses. 

Even though work life balance can be very complicated, I encourage each mom reading this (even dads) to set a schedule and add yourself to it. It can be done if you are willing to do it. What we are used to even though it could be unhealthy can be adjusted if you are willing to adjust it. 


I hope my post will uplift, inspire, educate and empower those who took time to read this. 

Many blessing and Much love

Libra J. Hicks

Founder/President of Our Children’s Story, Inc.