Can I just start this off by saying how happy I am that we have finally arrived to a place where we are seeing majority Black casts in movies? More specifically – Black casts that are not buying into the whole “I am less than” narrative. I will admit, after watching 12 Years A Slave years ago, I vowed not to watch another damn slave movie. Because, we get it.

The Usual Suspects

Over these last few years, majority Black casts in films have made a major impact in the movie industry. Our casts are getting more diverse in their actors and we are seeing more than our usual suspects in movies. You know the five:

  • Morris Chestnut
  • Sanaa Lathan
  • Regina Hall
  • Taye Diggs
  • Nia Long

In the early 2000’s, they recycled these characters from love interests, to villains, with a little help from a few others like Megan Good, Larenz Tate, and Micheal Ealy to the point where we didn’t know who was dating who and what the plot theme was. Now, we have an unlimited list of African American actors and actresses that are taking over the industry.

That’s why when Will Packer’s new film, What Men Want, dropped, I knew that we needed to have a meet up to see it. Mostly because it starred our girl Taraji but also because I knew it would be a light hearted movie that we could bond over and laugh together at.

Growing Your Tribe

Most of our meet ups through Black Moms Blog allow moms to bring their children but we also recognize the importance of congregating just as women. I read a post recently that stated Black women did not know how to form sisterhoods outside of sororities. Once we hit a certain age, we stop making friends and we are left to fend for ourselves. Thankfully, just like the movie industry, we have seen a boom in growth of groups forming that promote Black sisterhood and finding your tribe.

At our movie meet up, I looked around and observed some women who came alone. One of them I knew, just birthed twins and in that moment, I knew how special it was for her just to be out of the house around other women. Some women came with friends. We were all standing together for a group photo and two friends were laughing so hard, both of them begin to cry.

It can be hard to get out of your shell and meet women, especially when you have a full fledged life currently happening. Children to take care of, husbands, family, the list goes on for women. I encourage you though, find a local group of women in your area and bond with them. Have movie dates and go out to dinner. This is benefit in growing your tribe.

The Self Care Retreat

For my more adventurous mamas, we invite you to join us at The Self Care Retreat in Santa Marta, Colombia. The dates are June 10-14th. We encourage you to come alone or come with girlfriends. Taking a vacation for a mom is tough. We know it is difficult to pull away from family and work but mama, you deserve this. It is a personal responsibility.

To find out more information, check out The Self Care Retreat website here. To stay up to date on all of our happenings, please subscribe to our newsletter on our homepage.

With love,