Are you a single parent? Are you tired of spending hundreds of dollars on household supplies, personal items, hair products, etc? Do you want to know how to save money and have fun doing it? If so, keep reading.My husband works and I am a stay a home mom. Since we have one income I needed to find a way to save money. I have always wanted to start couponing so I did.  I have been couponing for a couple of months and I have already saved my household over one thousand dollars. My husband does not pay too much attention to my couponing but his pockets are a lot heavier since I have started and my purses are on a rise. I know social media and television make couponing seem so difficult, but I am here to inform you that it is easy.

Are you still there? Ok, just checking.

The objective to couponing is to get your products at the lowest price possible. I never try to make my objective to get every item free, but it happens. I go through ads every Sunday and I clip my coupons and weekly I print IPs (internet coupons).

There are several places you can get coupons from such as; newspaper, online, or in store. The three inserts that are in the newspaper is Red Plum (RP), Smart Source (SS), and P&G (PG). Inserts defer by region. It is not odd for there not to be all three inserts in the newspaper or none. I don’t want you to think that the newspaper shorted you. I look for the deals that match my coupons and I work them out until I get to the lowest price possible.

Couponing is basic math, adding and subtracting. It’s also important to know every store’s policy.

Each store has their policies listed on their websites. Do not let all the words intimidate you. In so many words each store will tell you what coupons their store takes, how many coupons can be used on an item, etc.

There are two apps that I use to assist me in couponing. They are available on IPhone and Android. The apps are Favado and Flipp. Favado breaks down deals from the stores that you select during your registration. Favado tells you what coupons to use in order to get to the lowest price possible and where those coupons can be found. Flipp is one of my favorite apps because it provides all the ads in one place. Whoever made the app Flipp I would love to thank them. Before I knew this app exist I would have three to four tabs opening at once searching through ads. I could have pulled my natural curls out. Flipp allows me to look through the store ads in my area. With the Flipp app, you can also press the deal that you like and it will highlight it for you so that you can always go back to it.

Couponing has become a daily task for me. I know that it sounds crazy. I think the reason why I enjoy couponing is because it saves my family money. Before couponing, I shopped at stores and would come out spending over $60 and to look in my basket and realize that I only had five items, it was heartbreaking.When I coupon, I never spend more than $20 a day and I normally come out with five to six products.

This week I bought 40 bottles of washing detergent and I spent roughly about $20. Amazing right!

Another reason that I enjoy couponing is because I love to see my stockpile grow. 

Look, don’t judge my shelves now! Listen to your husband when he tells you that you need two shelves instead of one. I am trying my hardest to stuff everything on this one shelf but it is not working. My shelves started off organized. My shelves were categorized until I just had many supplies. I know, right?

I remember when I first started months ago and I had little to nothing. Now months later I have a rack filled with supplies. Couponing is a thrill for me. I have talked to people who think couponing is a hassle, tedious, and some just rather pay regular price. I would never understand those people.

The amount of time it takes me to write a shopping list is the same amount of time it takes me work out a deal.

The only thing that would make couponing difficult is if you are unorganized. In order for couponing to go smoothly, you have to separate your coupons into categories. I use a binder and separate my coupons by categories such as household, personal items, cosmetics, etc. I also make sure that the coupons that are going to expire first go in the front of the binder.

I don’t have any off the wall tricks to save money. One thing I stand behind is couponing. There is no big secret to this. I know there are many people that promise that they can save you money on x, y, and z, but it never happens. You can save your family money just by cutting coupons and going to the store like you would normally do. Do you have to stack your shelves like I do, absolutely not. I love this, so you  have to excuse my style.

Will you start couponing today? If so, let me know. I am always available to help.

~Katalogue Kollection


A little bit about Maja Jones.

Maja Jones is a lifestyle blogger. She was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. She started out as a fashion blogger but soon enough realize she had more to share with the world. She is a mother of two and a wife. She has a beautiful daughter name Tai’Lor and a handsome son name Ty’Ler.

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