Monday, May 8th marked the start of National Teacher Appreciation Week 2017. In 1953, Eleanor Roosevelt persuaded congress that there should be a National Teacher Appreciation Day. Thanks to her political influence, there was (and still is) a Teacher Appreciation Day! The celebration was observed in March until 1985, but is now observed on the Tuesday of the first full week of May. Since then, the honoring of teachers has evolved into a full week of gratitude!

So before you pick your little ones up from school or your childcare provider today, stop by a drugstore and pick up a “Thank You” card and maybe even a few thoughtful treats. Taking care of  our littles ones and growing their brains while we work is no easy feat. They deserve some love and this is the perfect week to go above and beyond to show our appreciataion.


We Say, “Thank You!”

For the numerous nights you spend awake, late, perfecting tomorrow’s lesson plan

We say, “Thank you!”

For the cancelled personal engagements just to be present at basketball, soccer, and volleyball games

We say, Thank you!”

For believing in children, even when they don’t believe in themselves

We say, “Thank you!”

For the countless dollars you spend on décor and special projects sparking life and joy in your classrooms

We say, “Thank you!”

For skipped lunches

For unpaid after-school tutoring

For patience

For love

For the smile you bring day in and day out (even when you really don’t feel like smiling)

For your consistency

For your emotional constancy

For rides home

For high expectations

For laughter

For jokes

For your generosity

For discipline

For phone calls home

For 10 hour work days

For keeping the main thing the MAIN thing

We say, “Thank You!”

We don’t say it enough, so today we put you at the forefront and we honor you publically with a resounding heartfelt “THANK YOU”!

Thank you teachers for everything you do for ALL of our children. Our hearts and minds are forever grateful to you for choosing to be present with children each day and instilling in them the love of learning.