Since being featured twice on blackmomsblog's Instagram page, I've had a lot of traffic on my personal page & not just any traffic but positive traffic. Many people whom actually wanted to follow us out of love for my son. Félix has had hundreds and thousands of likes & endless amount of love & blessings sent his way. I honestly didn't expect that quite this many people would reach out to us. I had women stand up for us when people chose to write a negative comment on our photos.. That's why I love what blackmomsblog stands for, our skin comes in many shades of black, from the darkest to the lightest.. We must continue to love one another and teach our children to also love each other.
Lily Yange
instagram @LilyYange
Becoming part of the Black Moms Blog community has been such a pleasure. It has helped me develop new networking connections as well as friendships. I have noticed an increase in Instagram followers and have been contacted by many brands for collaboration opportunities who were referred to me through posts made by @blackmomsblog. I have also experienced an increase number of views on my personal blog after being featured on Black Moms Blog.
Instagram: @love.little.sampsons
I advertised my natural hair t-shirts for kids with Black Moms Blog and couldn't be more happier with the results. With over 60k organic followers respective to my niche and lots of engagement, it's the people place to advertise . After just one post I gained appx 40-60 followers and made several same day sales and more in the days following . I met my return on investment very quickly. Black Moms Blog has a pretty consistent presence on my website analytics. Aside from that she has such great content that is sure to drive traffic to your website . I highly recommend advertising your business with Black Moms Blog.
IG: @cocopieclothing
Twitter: @cocopieclothing
Periscope: @cocopieclothing
Pinterest: Coco'Pie Clothing
I was randomly scrolling through insta and notice baby pages and adorable babies, I'm a new mom who happens to have a 6 month old daughter who I felt was pretty so I just asked for a feature and within hours and days I had so much love, and beautiful comments on her pic and my page and it was beautiful, I'm a regular girl with a regular child but with the feature I did gain a lot of followers and messages about featuring my kid, and people telling me how beautiful she was, and I wanted to thank you for the feature.
Advertising my new children's book with Black Moms Blog on Instagram really helped me in my mission to empower young people with an "I Know I Can!" attitude. I saw both an increase in sales, and an increase in followers as a result.
Veronica N.Chapman
Boxxout Enterprises
Advertising on BlackMomsBlog has introduced my jewelry to moms who need a little something for themselves. I still get traffic from the blog that I was featured in, which was posted LAST YEAR! Thanks BlackMomsBlog.
Essence Hayes
Owner, EssenceMurjani Jewelry
IG: @EssenceMurjani

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