Listen. 2017 went by way too fast. I am saying this and it is still 2017, so clearly…

Anyhow, this year has been nothing short of amazing. Many of those amazing feels have been due to the positivity that I see on my social media timeline. Laugh if you want but people are spending up to 30% of their time on social media every day. 

We rarely think about what we are taking in on those leisurely scrolls. Each and every image you take in, can have a positive and negative effect on your mental. So for 2018, we want to give you ten mamas you should be following.

The Personal Beautician: @Shanillia26

You may be familiar with @Shanillia26 after the video went viral of her daughter’s puff twists or by reading her blog post for us here. She has since taken over the internet with her creative braid styles on both of her beautiful daughters. This platform is normally our go to when we are looking for a fun and age appropriate hairstyle for the week. 

Our Favorite Designer: @FindingPaola

Do you need a pop of color on your timeline? New mama to be, @FindingPaola is your cup of inspiration. The creator behind @fanmdjanm, Paola is our style goals for 2018. From stylish head wraps to home decor, believe me when I tell you, you need her in your life.

The Breakout Star: @TinaFears


There is so much to say about Tina that writing only two  sentences is unfair. What I love about her the most is that she makes handling mom life and still going after your goals look like a piece of cake. A few weeks ago, she put a video on Instagram jokingly asking if anyone needed a person for voice over. Just days later, she was booked and busy. Creative artist, performance director, and speaker…these are just a few of the reasons you should be following Tina Fears in 2018. 

Our Favorite Chef: @AgathaAchindu

Health is wealth for 2018. While juggling parenting, work, and just basic LIFE, finding time to make quick and healthy meals for the family can be quite the struggle. One of our favorite mamas, Agatha Achindu, is forever showing off some delicious meal for us. I can’t fail to mention, she is also the Founder of @YummySpoonfuls! Mama, can we just come live with you?

#MOMGOALS Mama: @MomCrushMonday

Destiney is the stylish, real, and hilariously funny mama behind one of the most influential personally branded blogs on Instagram. For my co-parenting mamas, this platform is definitely for you. Destiney serves it to you raw about what it’s like raising a child with her ex who she just so happens to still be really good friends with. 

Mama To Get You In Your Feelings (In A Good Way): @Alex_Elle

There’s only a few authors that can penetrate my heart and Alex Elle is one of them. Peaceful, honest, and passionate, Alex lets you into her blended family and the ups and downs of handling interpersonal relationships. 

The Mom To Our Favorite Daughter: @Chocolatemommyluv

She birthed and raised Yara Shahidi. Enough said.

Our Millennial Prayer Warrior: @Chrissy.Nicole

Chrissy, like most millennials, found herself always looking for the next party. Then she got pregnant and decided to turn her life over to God. On her platform she talks about her daily happiness and struggles of being a young mom that had dedicated her life to a more meaningful purpose.

The Mom Lawyer For All Your Goals: @DaynaThomasLaw

Known as the Entrepreneurship Fairy Godmother, Dayna Thomas is the epitome of the statement “An entrepreneur builds their plane on the way down”. Dayna is an entertainment attorney and works to help others learn how to legally protect their businesses. Mama, author, and lawyer. All before the age of 30. #Goals.

Our Favorite Fit Mama: @Fitfoodiele

I follow some absolutely amazing fit mamas on Insta but Le is probably my favorite. She is open and honest about her infertility (which she overcame and went on to have three beautiful and healthy babies), she shows work out routines that can be done at home or in the gym, and not to mention there is food. Yes, food. Recipes, meal prep, chocolate chip cookies, YOU NAME IT!

So mamas, don’t say we didn’t give you anything this holiday season. Tell us some of your favorite moms to follow below in the comments.

With love,