I don’t really know where to start here. Firstly, this article is opinion based. Beyonce’ did not participate. I have these grandiose plans to keep this blog post as simple as possible but Bey just snatched my soul in this documentary and I don’t even consider myself a part of the Beyhive. After watching Mrs. Carter create the greatest concert of all time though, I completely understand why the Beyhive exists.

I have always said this about Beyonce’ – even if you are not a fan of her music, there is absolutely no way that you cannot respect the hard work and dedication she has as a business woman. I am listing Ten Lessons For Mompreneurs – From Beyonce’ Herself.

For My Mom Bloggers: It Is Okay To Re-Invent Old Content

If Homecoming taught us anything, it is that our old content can be made fresh again and still bring in profit. Let’s do a quick breakdown:

  • Beyonce took songs she has made over the period of almost two decades and created a legendary concert.
  • She parlayed that performance into a documentary picked up by Netflix.
  • Oh, and she rereleased the same damn songs we already have. People are still going to buy the album.

Embrace Your Culture.

You don’t have to hide yourself to run your business. You don’t have to pretend to be White. You don’t have to pretend that your Blackness is not real. It is time we stop code switching. Take this melanin. All this melanin.

Preparation Is Key.

Because Mompreneurs have a family, this tidbit is even more important. Prepare yourselves mamas. Use planning apps, scheduler apps, create your content ahead of time. Write out your business plans. Post affirmations. You cannot wing a successful business, especially when we are already winging motherhood.

Health and Family Before Work.

Beyonce’ opened up about gaining 218 pounds while she was pregnant with Rumi and Sir. She had preeclampsia. Morning sickness. She was unable to perform at Coachella as scheduled the year before because of her surprise pregnancy with the twins. Allow your body to rest. Tend to your family.

“I can’t rehearse 15 hours straight…I have children… I am not even trying to be who I was.” – Beyonce

Commitment is Necessary


In the words of Beyonce’ – “I’m hungry”. Running your own business is intimidating and it requires certain lifestyle changes to accommodate your dreams to turn them into a reality. Fully commit to the work that is ahead of you. Listen to the podcasts. Go to the seminars. Invest. You will have to make indirect changes that affect your business as well. Eating better and exercising will provide you with more energy. Cutting off negative friends and disassociating from gossipers will help you gain focus. Commit.

The Youth Needs To See Their Greatness Reflected In Your Eyes – Tessa Thompson

Here is reality – there will be many times where you feel like you do have to choose between your business and family. If you find yourself constantly at this crossroads when it comes to your children, incorporate them into the process so that they can see why it is that you are working so hard. Let them help small decisions so that they feel like it is their business too.

Don’t Just Be Proud Of The Show; Be Proud Of The Progress

Always remember the hard work and dedication that you are putting into becoming your own boss. When you work only to seek the end game and miss the entire process.

There Are Ups and Downs In This Love

I have spoken with many mompreneurs that have expressed to me how hard it is to keep going with their business when they hit a slow season. Business is like a marriage – there will be ups and downs. Especially in the blogging world. I wrote an article on how to blog through a crisis. Just like with a 9-5, you can’t quit because you are going through a personal hardship. Keep going.

It Takes A Village

There is a scene towards the end of the documentary where Jay-Z is sitting next to Beyonce’ and he stares at her as she is speaking with her crew about the show. That gaze he gave his wife was pure love, admiration, and respect. Keep people around you who believe in you. And yes, as a mompreneur, you need a village to help you when things get tight. To help with the kids, to provide emotional support, to help with all the things.

“Tell The Truth”- Dr. Maya Angelou

To yourself first. Start a business that you are passionate about. Be honest with yourself when you need rest. Talk to your children about their feelings. Make time to communicate with your partner. Do not be afraid to ask for help. You got this. Like Beyonce’ said, “If my country ass can do it, they can do it.”

Thank you Bey.

With love,