If I could truly express to you how exhausting my last two weeks have been, you would’t believe me. I’m finally coming to a standstill and having the opportunity to reflect on how amazing these weeks have been. I want to start with the World Natural Hair Show held at the Georgia International Convention Center. Not only was it their 20th year anniversary but there were also over 300 vendors and more than 12,000 tickets sold.

I attended the hair show both days since I was speaking on the Social Circle hosted by the beautiful Jes Perez. Even with the bad weather in Atlanta that weekend, the hair show was packed. Saturday greeted us with sunny skies though and the energy in the convention center was vibrant. Everywhere I looked there were beautiful women and a high number of men enjoying themselves, shopping, and sampling products. 

There were some great features and additions to the hair show this year. The Power Panel was a huge success with hair care owners from major Black owned brands there to discuss their businesses. Fro Babies hosted the Children’s Corner for the first time ever and I’m sure they will be back next year. For many parents wanting to enjoy the hair show, it can be difficult with your babes in tow so this year, there was an entire area dedicated to our little ones. There were bouncy houses, the FroBabies mascots, and entertainment sections for them to enjoy. As a parent, I felt more than secure that Kamryn would be OK. The Children’s Corner was well supervised, there were multiple waivers and information sheets for the parents to sign and all of the children seemed to really be enjoying themselves. 

There were some amazing vendors and even the opportunity to get your hair styled. My mom joined me and got her hair twisted in twenty minutes for $20.00. Where else are you going to find a deal like that? 

Did you attend? Tell us what you liked about the hair show in the comments. 

With love,