Stylish Moms: Fashionable Baby Wearing + ErgoBaby Adapt Carrier Giveaway!

There is this belief that as moms, we are no longer allowed to be fashionable. Add on a rowdy toddler, a hectic day with a list full of errands, and a part of me believes that is actually a true statement. My inner fashionista still begs to differ and on days I feel great, I love to accessorize with my favorite little one. Maybe I will throw us on matching shirts or style our hair the same, apply some cute lipstick or a pair of funky earrings to match her glittery gold sandals. On days that we are really busy, I still throw on my Adapt Ergobaby Carrier on top of a cute outfit and feel like Woman of the Year.

“Yes. I am baby wearing and styling. Could the day be any greater?”

I love to rock my carrier on shopping trips and park days. Since we live in the city, we walk everywhere. Partially because it is economical and also because it is a great work out for my legs and glutes.



“Want a tighter bum? Pull out your baby carrier and tote your little one around while grocery shopping. I call it a win win.”

I love to use my Ergo because it provides great back support. Not to mention, the Adapt carrier can hold up a child up to 45 pounds and up to 48 months. So even with my flailing little one, I am comfortable and I know she is safe.


For my toddler, I love to wear her on my back. It gives me the arm room I need to be flexible and move around. But for someone with a smaller child, it may be more convenient to child wear from the front. Luckily, the Adapt carrier allows you to baby wear from three different angles: Front- Inward, Hip and Back carrying positions. Not to mention mamas, you can breastfeed while baby wearing. Check out some fashionable moms rocking their personal style while baby wearing.




I am a strong believer in staying true to yourself even while “Momming”.

For Ashaunti (photo’d above) it means bright and colorful. For me, it means casual chic and for Phnewfula (photo’d below) it means classy comfort.




What is your personal style when it comes to baby wearing? You just may be able to show it off!

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