Don’t you love a good steal? Well, I know I do. I would like to think of myself as the Queen of the “Look for Less.” This goes from my home, fashion, down to my children. In the digital age of social media, where almost every moment is captured and shared with the world, you always want to make sure your putting your best foot forward. But this can come with a cost. I, however, am determined to make sure my kids look nice. And that’s not just in their attire. With daycare costs, extracurricular activities, food and keeping a roof over our children’s head, who couldn’t use some savings to keep money in our pockets? When I find items I like, I try and find that item that may look the same but cost half the price. I totally understand that some things are made with better supplies and therefore will last longer/feel better but sometimes the price is simply attached to the name. Just being honest.  So today I want to share some splurges and steals so you can see it is totally possible to achieve the look but not break the bank.

Here are the places where I find my steals:

  • Target

  • Old Navy

  • H&M

  • Carters

  • Ikea

  • TJ Maxx/ Marshalls

Don’t believe me? See some comparisons below.

Splurge Vs Steal

 On the left side is a Pottery Barn White Lydia Chandelier and on the left, is an Ikea Kristaller Chandelier. That is a savings of $160.00!


Splurge Vs Steal

 On the left, Munire Jackson 4-in-1 convertible crib. On the right is Walmart’s steal at $199.98. That is a savings of $400.00. 


Splurge Vs Steal

 On the left is a Land of Nod Kids Blue Solar System Bedding set. On the right is Macy’s Out of this World Reversible Comforter Set saving you $204.00


Splurge Vs Steal

 Compared here is a Wayfair KidKraft Deluxe Wood Easel and our Steal is an Ikea Mala Easel. This steal saves you $95.00


And lastly, Clothing. With kids that grow out of things so quickly, and play so rough, finding a deal is always a good feeling. Check out these comparisons.

Splurge Vs Steal

Zara’s leather sandals comes in for our Splurge while Old Navy Criss-Cross Slingback Sandals saves us $35.00


Splurge Vs Steal

 This cute Janie Rosette Dress is our splurge and Carter’s version comes in as our steal with a savings of $176.00.


There you have it. Before blowing hundreds of dollars, take the time to search the worldwide web for more cost effective options. Spend the money you saved on other things. You know, like that Disney trip the kids have been asking about.

What do you think? Are the steals comparable? Or would you go for the splurges? Share below!


Kacey has always been the type of girl who was confident in who she was. This was until she became a mom and wife. Join her as she shares her take on these new roles and how she tries to fit being “Kay Alex” into them all! She blogs to share her journey as an attempt to inspire, educate and entertain. Check out her approach to motherhood, being a wife, DIY projects and self-exploration at