Hey mamas. I’m sure you expected to open this article and find yet another article promoting clothing for your baby boy or baby girl, right? You know, we love the kids but we wanted to bring something special just for you. With the warmer months coming up and Winter bodies slowly being transformed into Summer bodies (girl…we see you!) We want to supply clothing options that work to keep the Black dollar trending in our community. It is time we kick FashionNova to the side and spend our money where it matters.

Lexi N Fifth

Speaking of FashionNova, we love them because of their low prices and large variety of clothing. We can’t deny that. A lot of times, when we look to shop #blackowned, the clothing can be a bit one dimensional: Ankara print on everything or clothing that has a historical figure or something related to Black power. One of our mamas sent us a message and asked – “Where can I find a Black owned clothing company that just sells everyday clothing?”

Lexi N Fifth, also known as $29 And Under Boutique does exactly that. Located in Atlanta, GA with online shopping available, Lex In Fifth offers reasonably priced clothing that is fashionable and comfortable for the everyday woman. With an ever changing wardrobe supply, you can always find something in store that fits your clothing style.

Lexi N Fifth is owned by Peaches Chin who has been in the retail business for over two decades. With over 6 stores under her belt, she opened Tags Boutique where she partnered with her long time friend, Kandi Burruss.

What do we love about Peaches? She is a mother with two children in college. Peaches is the epitome of Black don’t crack and she shows us that mothers can continue to follow their children. She has even encouraged her son to launch his own fashion brand known as Publicly Known.

Check out clothing from Lexi N Fifth below and shop on their site here.

Dress By Lex In Fifth

Becca Apparel

We wanted to provide a sharp contrast in shops. For my moms that are all about the tailored suits, African print, and overall fly, Becca Apparel provides exactly what you need. If you need something for a special occasion, a work presentation, or an event, you can find it at Becca Apparel.

With stores located in London, Lagos, and New York, Becca Apparel also provides clothing options online for anyone in the world. They also provide children’s clothing, Mommy and Me sets, accessories, and men’s clothing.

Becca Apparel was founded in 2015 by Nigerian-British fashion designer, Miss Becca Adeoye. Her initial vision for Becca Apparel was to make a platform where African culture could be represented through fashion. Her hardwork and resilience has made Becca Apparel the global phenomenon it is today. She is a mom, entrepreneur, and an IT professional.

Becca Apparel focuses on combining African prints with contemporary trends, to create a unique style for women for all occasions.

Dress by Becca Apparel

Check out clothing from Becca Apparel and shop on their site here.

Moo Moo with matching headwrap

Support Black owned. Support fly fashion. Mamas, this one is for you.

With love,