#RepresentationMatters: Two Year Old Meets Michelle Obama After Viral Post

Photo Credit: Ben Hines

Earlier last week, we posted a photo on Instagram of a little girl staring in awe at the beautiful Michelle Obama painting by Amy Sherald at the Smithsonian Museum. Like most photos we post to our Instagram page, this image was submitted to us by one of our community members. 

The backstory?

Two year old Parker visited the National Portrait Gallery with her family and could not believe how beautiful our (forever) First Lady stood in front of her. This was a monumental moment. The image, captured by Ben Hines, went viral in the matter of hours. On our page alone, it garnished nearly 8,000 likes and close to 140 comments of people all over the world expressing their gratitude for this beautiful moment.

What does this mean?

Growing up, most Black people never thought they would see an African American president in their lifetime. The Obamas are the only African American presidential couple in the National Portrait Museum at the Smithsonian. With Barack Obama taking presidency back in 2009, we saw a great sense of Black pride take over our nation. And to be honest, we deserved that. 

Parker deserved to look up and see someone who looked like her represented among historical figures. She deserved to not only see Michelle Obama as the First Lady but also as a Black woman sitting in her position of power. For this International Women’s Day, we salute you, Michelle Obama. We are honored. We are proud. We are grateful.

The viral photo landed Parker her very own introduction with our First Lady. They danced, laughed, and mom was over the moon excited for her little one. Parker may not know how important this meeting was right now but she will appreciate these images that remind her that she met the first African American First Lady of the United States. 

To our readers, thank you for supporting our platform. We are here because moments like this matters. Representation matters. We matter.