Representation Matters: Party Supplies That Celebrate Children Of Color

A few weeks ago, Kamryn was invited to a slumber party and the event required her to have a sleeping bag. We rushed to Target and I crossed my fingers looking down the aisle hoping there would be a Doc McStuffins bag somewhere. I prayed for Doc because I knew that was the only chance I would get of finding a child’s sleeping bag with some sort of melanin on it. 

We went up and down the aisle. We passed Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Beauty and The Beast, Elsa…even Shrek. Guess what we didn’t see? A sleeping bag with a Black character. 

This is the reality for most African American families when it comes time to pick themes for parties. We have the choices of Elsa and Belle. Every now and again, we may come across Princess Tiana but she is a rarity, even in the major stores. 

On our hunt for finding party supplies that celebrate children of color, we discovered Craft My Occasion. Craft My Occasion was founded by Lynette Abbott in hopes of helping children see positive imagery of themselves which in turn impacts their self image. As Lynette says, our children want to belong. They are constantly looking for images that look like them in television shows, on their tablets, in the physical, and even in their party supplies. As the mom to a little girl, I know this to be true. 

Lynette’s biggest inspiration to her line is her years working in the party industry and having many African American mothers as her clients who wanted to see custom party kits designed to represent children of color. Giving our children tools to cultivate a beautiful and loving self image is invaluable. 

Here’s Where You Come In…

Craft My Occasion has five days to go on Kickstarter! They are over halfway to their goal to fully launch their Mermaid collection. I am asking that we rally together to support this mama owned business. Any pledge of only $15 or more gets you your own Mermaid party supply kit. This is an all or nothing campaign so the only way to bring this wonderful business into existence is by fully funding their goal. 

What do you say Black Moms Blog community, can we do it? If you would like to support Lynette and her vision, visit their Kickstarter and make a pledge to their campaign. 

With love,


This post is sponsored by Craft My Occasion. All opinions expressed are my own.