This post is sponsored by Mommy’s Bliss. All opinions expressed are my own.

 As a pregnant mom, I could not wait to have my baby in my arms, but no one told me about a new worry that would emerge once I gave birth. Germs. Combine this worry with the new realities of Covid, I now understood wanting my baby back in a warm, safe womb. Whether you prescribe to holistic medicine or conventional, most new moms research the best pediatricians, foods and products to alleviate some of this worry. Unfortunately, between family members, older siblings, and in our case, daycare, we cannot avoid the occasional cold and runny noses. The best we can do is build our families’ immune systems. Since a baby’s immune system is still developing when they are born, parents need to take proactive steps to help build it up with vitamins and probiotics. Thankfully Mommy’s Bliss has taken out the guesswork for new parents to safely do so. 

I discovered Mommy’s Bliss during one of those late night, early morning, find anything to soothe my baby, internet searches. You know the one. Where you just spent three hours calming down a crying baby and if anyone moves in the house or breathes too loudly, you will lose it! My wife and I had to find a solution. Mommy’s Bliss has an herbal remedy for those colic cries and as a new mom, I could not stand to see my baby or my sleep suffer. After trying and loving Mommy’s Bliss  Gripe Water, when my doctor suggested probiotics for immune system support, I already knew I could trust their products. Now with baby number two, I am fully prepared with this Baby Immunity Defense Guide.  

Baby Probiotic Drops 

Probiotics are ‘good bacteria’ found in foods such as yogurt that help our digestive system function well. Strong gut health aids in the digestion of nutrients which supports a strong immune system. When my oldest daughter Harper went to daycare for the first time, she suffered from back to back colds and ear infections. Every germ in that school was attracted to her and then us once she got home! It was not until my wife and I started her on daily probiotics that we felt that we were helping her build her immune system.

Baby Probiotic Drops + Colic Support  

In my experience, the term colic in newborns carries such a negative connotation, that new mothers rarely like to use the word to describe their child. I will be honest, our short but VERY memorable experience with colic was tough to get through. Colic is simply described as a cry that lasts three or more hours, for three or more days a week, in an otherwise healthy baby. This Mommy’s Bliss Probiotic + Colic Support probiotic has been formulated with a clinically proven strain to help reduce crying time for babies with colic. This would be a two for one supplement where you are not only providing probiotics to your baby, but also working against any of those colic cries.

Baby Elderberry Drops + Immunity Support 

Elderberry has been very popular this season in supporting a healthy immune system. It is used in holistic medicine and according to Mommy’s Bliss’ website, was used by the founders of western medicine! This supplement can be administered to babies four months and up and all the way through adulthood. It has been independently tested and as many of Mommy’s Bliss products, it is free of artificial colors and flavors. These drops are a great addition to the probiotic drops in your baby’s daily supplements. Elderberry is also my three year old’s favorite vitamin due to the great taste.  

Baby Vitamin D Drops

Vitamin D drops are especially important for breastfed babies. Even though mom is providing nutrients, Vitamin D drops promote healthy growth and bone development and ensure that your baby is receiving the necessary amount needed daily. Mommy Bliss’s Organic Vitamin D drops contain 400 IU of organic Vitamin D and have no added sugar, alcohol, artificial flavors or colors, and is free of the top 8 allergens. 

Does giving multiple supplements to your baby seem overwhelming? What works best in my household is to give all supplements first thing in the morning. We have integrated our vitamins into our daily routine and as our babies grow older, they actually appreciate this proactive measure added to their day. It’s always best to check with your pediatrician as well and see what is recommended for your baby.