My daughter has a lot of hair. I say that with gratitude but also with slight annoyance. I have heard numerous times that I should just put a perm in her hair to make her life (and mine) easier but I am a believer in natural hair. As a woman with Locs too, I could never perm my daughter’s hair. We have an actual “hair day” at least two times a month and because her hair is so massive, I normally don’t allow her to wear her hair loose. Not to mention, every hair twistee I purchase tends to pop after three or four uses.

So I was beyond excited to try out this new product I’ve been hearing about called The Puff Cuff. The Puff Cuff is designed perfectly for thick, curly, and textured hair. It works by securing the hair in it’s tooth clamp without cinching and pulling your hair. 


Photo Credit: The Puff Cuff

The Puff Cuff comes in 3 different sizes of usage dependent on your hair’s density and length. The clamp is also made from lightweight, high impact resistant homogeneous plastic material which protects it from snapping and breaking. The product itself is very simple to use. You simply unhook the clamp, pull hair up into a ponytail, put clamp at base of ponytail and secure. It creates a perfectly secured puff without pulling your hair. We all know how those headaches feel. Not fun!

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While I was really anticipating showing you all a video using this product on my daughter’s hair, being the four year old she is, she is refusing to participate tonight. Even still, I have the next best thing. The Puff Cuff works amazingly well on loose hair but as a woman with Locs, it works great on me as well. Take a look at my tutorial video below using The Puff Cuff on my long Locs.

The Puff Cuff On Locs Tutorial

I really enjoyed using The Puff Cuff on my hair and after wearing it all day (It’s still in now!) I have not felt any discomfort or pulling on my scalp. I can say that is a first for me in wearing my Locs up. If you hair is natural and it is long, short, loc’d, or just curly, I would definitely suggest giving this product a try. You can find out more information about The Puff Cuff at

This post is sponsored by The Puff Cuff. All opinions expressed are my own.

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