As an author in the post-publish stage of my book Singing Ain’t Enough, my requirement to multi-task is at an all-time high. I’ve always had a pretty busy schedule, but things have definitely turned up a notch with the need to reply to emails, make phone calls, set up book tour locations, and prep for the next day’s to-do list.

On top of that I work full-time, so it’s important for me to maximize any free time I have to the fullest.

Yes, I was getting things done, but one day I noticed (and it was also brought to my attention), that my work time was starting to bleed into my family time more and more.

I’m a wife and a mother of two young kids, and though I love the hustle of growing an audience, brand, and a business; my family and time with them is also important. I knew organization wasn’t the issue, because I’m already super-organized. Besides, an un-organized person would never survive juggling multiple business calls while wash ballet tights, and tinting a bottle of water blue for a first grader’s science experiment the next day on liquids and solids. Instead of doing more color-coding and re-organizing, I went on the search to figure out how to hack my time (I even made it a goal of the day).

After sifting through tons of inspiring, yet impractical advice such as completely shutting down from work once you’re home or ignoring the dishes, I finally came across something I knew would work.

Time Blocking.

Time Blocking is the act of dedicating a span of time for the completion of one task. It’s a concept in business mostly talked about in terms of being more productive.  People use Time Blocking to better prioritize and get more done. Some choose to implement it through scheduling on their calendar; while those that are easily distracted use gadgets like time cubes to make sure they stay focused and do all they can for the amount of time allotted.


For busy mom’s, Time Blocking is a tool that can help you be more present.

Each day I have a designated block of time to do whatever the kids want to do. For that span of time, I’m theirs and I’m present. No checking emails, responding to posts, or confirming appointments. We Play! 

Because my time for being totally present is pre-scheduled, I’m better able to plan the million things I have to get done around it. My kids also look forward to their special time.

Time Blocking doesn’t mean that your kids can’t access you randomly, but it does mean not feeling guilty about work-life balance when you do have to ask them to wait. The dedication of your time still shows them that time with them is a priority.