I grew up with my birth pillow. It was this off yellow knitty little thing with my birth facts scribbled in. You could barely read the permanent marker that listed my name, birth weight, and what time I was born. I cherished that pillow and even as a little girl, I knew it was a keepsake I wanted to pass on to my daughter. 

Over the years, I collected more things here and there, including a leather jacket that I hope she appreciates when she’s eighteen (unless she thinks my style completely sucks). I have a picture of my mother at twenty one and a photo of me as well. I want her to know where she came from. 

When I became pregnant at twenty three, even though I was unprepared, I was so excited at the idea of starting this wonderful tradition with this little bubba in my belly. We received so many things at her baby shower, including a pink blanket that she still has to this day. I know she will cherish passing that on to her daughter the same way I loved being able to pass on my birth pillow. 

The only keepsake I had not gotten for her yet was a piece of jewelry. When I went through all the things that I could pass on to her, a charm bracelet seemed like the most logical choice. We could add adorable charms over the years and she would be able to look at each one and remember where it came from. 

Recently we partnered with James Avery Jewelry and it was such a perfect fit for our family. Even though we do not celebrate Christmas in our home, we loved all of the holiday themed charms they carried from candy canes, to little Christmas trees, and wrapped gifts. I wanted to choose something a bit more neutral for her first charm so we went with one of her favorite stuffed animals – a little silver teddy bear. Since this will be considered a keepsake, I will be wearing her charm on my bracelet and will gift it to her when she turns sixteen.

In the holiday spirit, James Avery is sponsoring a giveaway to one special member of our community. We love the mission behind James Avery. James Avery is more than just jewelry. It is a symbol of faithfulness and the comfort of strong held beliefs. What a perfect point to our sentiment of passing on keepsakes!

You can share your favorite Christmas memory and gift your snowflake charm for the holidays or pass on your charm as a keepsake for your son or daughter. 

Our giveaway is super easy to enter:

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  2. Leave a comment below or on Instagram telling us a favorite Christmas memory.

Our giveaway winner will be announced on Friday, December 23rd!

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*This post is sponsored by James Avery. All opinions expressed are my own.