For me personally, I feel that Mother’s Day should be celebrated every single day of the year. Even still, every year rolls around to that special day in May and the entire family may be left trying to figure out what it is that mom really wants. Mamas, don’t forget, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with buying a gift for yourself too. You deserve it. 

As we jump start this month of mama appreciation, always remember to lead with love. No amount of money spent will mean as much as a genuine “I love you” and heartfelt gesture. Start there then check out our gifts below!

Not to be forgotten, we are giving away a Lily Jade Convertible Diaper Bag. How to enter:

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Elizabeth Camel & Jade Convertible Diaper Bag

What says “I love you mom” like a beautiful bag? I will admit, before becoming a mother I struggled with trying to understand the need for a great bag. Now that I have my things plus my daughter’s, I literally crave a bag that that not only looks great but can also hold all of our things and offer good support. Lily Jade has managed to provide this plus more.

Uniquely stylish, Lily Jade bags do not even feel like a diaper bag- clearly, since Kamryn is out of diapers and I still love wearing mine. Their bags are 100% leather, completed with beautiful gold metal hardware, and convertible to be worn as a backpack or off the shoulder. Each bag has 3 beautiful jade stones on the strap and is topped off with a vibrant jade color on the inside. Now, this Lily Jade bag is technically our giveaway gift but you can still tell us how much you love it below.

Dainty Layers Jewelry

I am a huge fan of jewelry, most specifically gold. It goes so well with dark skin. Dainty Layers Jewelry is the crafter of one of my favorite necklaces. It is a triple chain with my initials carved in one token and Kamryn’s carved in another. 

A Framed Photograph from Wall Threads

Personalized photographs really make a house feel like a home. Give mom a reason to smile. I love family photos but also just a picture of her by herself would be really creative. Find that image of her pre baby. Remind her that she is still just as youthful and pretty as she was when she was twenty one. We had this photo framed by Wall Threads

Peace & Quiet

The great thing about this gift is that it does not cost you a single dime. The other great thing is that every mother wants it. All of them. I promise you. If money is a hindrance this year try this: Cook mom a great breakfast in bed and take the children for the day. I don’t mean two hours…the entire day.  Like 8 full hours. Yes. EIGHT.

Home Decor From Indigo 2 Ash NY

Duvet and pillows from Indigo 2 Ash

Now normally I would not suggest home decor as a Mother’s Day gift BUT if mama has been eyeing a new pair of curtains or bed set, go ahead and get it for her. Couple this great gift with any option on this guide to make sure she still has her pamper time. Check out some of the great pieces from Indigo 2 Ash NY. A little birdie told us that we will be hosting a giveaway with them next week. Oh lala!

Spa Day

Spa days are always a win in my book. It doesn’t matter the season or the occasion. I personally think that every woman should indulge in one at least once a month. Don’t know what package to get? Look for something that involves a massage or facial. My favorite place to visit in Atlanta is Iwi Fresh in Castleberry Hills. Not only is the staff absolutely amazing, the experience is unlike any other spa you will ever visit. Trust me on this

So, I know you may have plenty of great gift ideas to share with us! Leave a comment below telling us some of yours or head over to our YouTube channel, subscribe, and tell us your ideal Mother’s Day gift in the comments for a chance to win this beautiful Lily Jade Elizabeth convertible leather diaper bag.

To see more of Lily Jade’s beautiful bags check them out on Instagram and if you can’t wait to get your hands on this bag, they are having a Mother’s Day sale! To shop before it ends on May 7th, visit their website here. All bags are on sale!

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