Being a mom is exhausting.

I am saying this after the most cherished Mom appreciation day in our country. It is tiring. We are normally running on less than 5 hours of sleep. Our bodies smell like breast milk and baby throw up. And yet…even still, when you see us we will go on and on about how rewarding it is to parent these juicy little bundles of joy. 


We are tired.

So this Mother’s Day, I did something different. I spent my entire Mother’s Day alone. I took a break. And before you say, moms don’t deserve breaks, I am here to tell you that we do. Surprisingly enough mamas, I am not typing this article out for your husbands, or friends, or family members to read and teach them why you need a break. I am writing this specifically for you. For you to understand, that it is OK to take some time to yourself and not feel guilty about it.

Because we do feel guilty. We feel terrible. We feel that every waking second is supposed to be dedicated to our children and our families but the truth is this- if you are not running to your full capacity, neither will anything you are responsible for taking care of. So today, I am letting you know that you need a break.

For the past two weeks my mother has had my daughter. It has been interesting because it is something that I have needed but at the same time, I feel a little lost without having her around. Granted, I have been productive but also slightly aimless. I found myself saying- “Moms don’t need breaks…what am I doing?“…I had to reroute my thinking. I had to release guilt when asked, “where is Kamryn?“. She is with my mom. I needed this time. Because I deserve a break.

During this time, I have taken care of myself. I traveled to New York and met with some amazing moms. I have danced. I have slept. I have walked leisurely through my city block and admired the buildings. I have slowly taken in every aspect of my day, devouring each portion like a great delicacy. Because I deserve it. And so do you.

If you have been following our posts, you know about our Mama’s Got Her Spring Back! series where we are focusing on you, mama. Your needs, your wants, and self care. Last week I told you all we would be partnering with Indigo 2 Ash to give away some great home decor. Indigo 2 Ash has one mission: to make beautiful interiors accessible to everyone – rooms that evoke both serenity and passion – rooms that sing. Since enjoying my break, I have been lounging comfortably in bed with my Indigo 2 Ash duvet and pillows. I have loved work from bed/home days and am trying to really fall in love with this space to revamp myself. Do you feel that you deserve this space as well? While I cannot give you the space, I can help you with the decor! 

So consider this a belated Mother’s Day gift. A thank you. An I love you. From Black Moms Blog and Indigo 2 Ash. The giveaway is simple:

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With love,


This post is sponsored by Indigo 2 Ash. All opinions expressed are my own.