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I am good about scheduling events.  I try not to overbook, I give myself time to get lost, and I usually buy party gifts in advance to avoid last minute mishaps.  

A few days before the latest preschool party, my husband brought home an invitation.  He told me he had already RSVP’d and the party was on Sunday. We received the invite late (translation: it sat in my husband’s car for two weeks).  This worked for me, I could go to my oldest son’s soccer game on Saturday and then on Sunday, we would go the party. 

My work week was a nightmare. I took an unexpected out of town trip on Friday. On Saturday morning, we drove straight to the soccer field.  Something told me to double check the invitation, or at least look at the theme of the party, so I could pick up a gift.  Exhaustion set in, I decided that this would be the time I picked up a gift on my way to the party.  

Dashed through Target, selected an overpriced gift, pulled into the party parking lot with two minutes to spare.  In the car we signed our names on the card, and in my head, “You did that!” played on repeat.

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I strutted into Catch Air, filled out the form on the iPad, but the party name didn’t show up.  Confusion set in, panic begin to mount, our smiles slowly dissolved as the women at the front desk told me that the party I was looking for was yesterday.

Fist raised to the sky, my first thought was to blame my husband.  I know he told me the party was on Sunday.  Then I blamed myself, why didn’t I look at the invitation? So, I did what any respectable mother would do in this situation…. I paid the $13, and let my son jump, bounce, and slide until he was ready to go. 

The women at the front desk told me that the party I was looking for was yesterday.

I messed up, whatever.  We still had a good day.  My son won’t remember this fail, the birthday girl still received her gift, and my son still had the chance to play at Catch Air and got his goody bag the next day. 

The cost of my #momfail:  $13 and the missed opportunity to eat birthday cake.

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Chrystal Neely is married and a working mom of two Pokemon, Super Mario obsessed boys.  She is a corporate writer and has been published in various Atlanta-based magazines.  Most recently, her writing was featured on PopSugar. After eight years of #boymommin, she has developed her personal blog, “More Lemonade Please,” centered around thriving in spite of the lemons life throws at you.  You can follow her on Instagram @morelemonade_please, on Facebook @ morelemonadeplease , and follow her blog at

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