Mom Jeans Are The New Black: 16 Essential Items For The Everyday Mom

As mommies, we never stop making appointments to setting up playdates, doing laundry to keeping up with groceries and everything in between. ­Mommyhood is super fast­paced and can sometimes be overwhelming. But I truly think that with the right tools, mommyhood can be as easy (and comfortable) as it is fun, exciting, and unpredictable. Here are my favorite 16 everyday mom essentials to make your life easier.

 1. A Planner:

Even as super­mommies, sometimes we can forget those distant dentist appointments. For my first year of motherhood, I was racing around with those little appointment cards always popping in and out of my wallet. Getting a portable, easy ­to­ carry agenda made it so easy to log appointments, meetings, to ­do lists, grocery and shopping lists, and playdates! If carrying a planner around sounds too bulky, then take advantage of the calendar on your phone!


2. Reebee App:

The only app you will ever need for shopping on a budget. Reebee is a flyer viewing and shopping list app. What makes it super cool though, is that you can search for flyers in your area by putting in your postal (zip) code. You can also save items in your personal shopping list for later comparison. I really like the functionality and ease of this app. ­­It is just super easy!

3. A Large Tote Bag: 

Tote bags are super convenient for everyday use. I cannot tell you how many times I have used smaller bags only to wish I had brought my larger one. When I am out with my little one, I just never know what we will pick up. So having a large tote bag just provides space, comfort, and they can be quite fashionable! My favourite tote bag for a daily basis is pictured below from Forever 21.


4. Comfortable ‘Errand’ Jeans aka Mom Jeans:

Comfortable mom jeans are jeans that just offer ultimate comfort and are quick to style. Contrary to popular belief, mom jeans do not have to be unflattering or unstylish. Check out my mom jeans pictured below from Urban Behaviour.


5. Leggings:

Leggings are my favourite clothing item piece! I really do think they can be styled up (maybe with a beaded blouse and a blazer) or styled down (with an oversized cardigan). But my favourite part about leggings is the amount of comfort that they give. Running around with a toddler(s) means constant fidgeting, bending, sitting, and lots of running. Leggings ensure comfort without compromising style!

6. A Pair Of Comfortable Flats:

I am addicted to high ­knee boots. For dinners, I am a fan of pumps. But on an everyday basis, I always reach for my flats. Since they are so quick to put on and take off, I know I will not feel irritated by midday from too much walking.

7. Wipes or A Washcloth: 

The reality is, kids are messy. And they love being messy. Whether you are giving them apple slices in their strollers for snacktime or offering them a bag of cookies in the back seat of your car, you will want to have wipes or a washcloth handy before they decide to rub their cute fingers on your white cardigan. I usually buy Huggies wipes for my son in bulk so I just make sure I take a pack for the road.

8. Hand Sanitizer and Hand Moisturizer:

Equally, hand sanitizer and hand moisturizer are essential items for an everyday basis. As we interact with other people, places, and objects, you can never be certain how many germs our children are coming into contact with. I think hand moisturizer is an essential, especially if you suffer from rough hands (like I do) after washing them.

9. A Makeup Bag:

It is easy to pop in a couple of your makeup items for the day into your purse. But think about that lipstick rolling around or your face compact powder unlatching open (I am shuddering just thinking about it). Makeup bags are awesome because you can prepare them the night before or have a set of ‘touch­up’ makeup items that never leave your makeup bag. Makeup bags are perfect for the everyday mom!

10. Netflix:

As the day winds down and the kids go to bed, there is nothing more that you deserve than a cup of hot something ­something, in your comfy robe, binge ­watching a movie of your choice. To make it easy for you, I recommend purchasing a Netflix subscription. It is about $7.99 USD but you can get your first month free. Try it out for 30 days and make sure to tell me what you are binge­ watching!

11. Costco Membership:

Let’s continue talking about memberships. I am a big believer in Costco, especially for mommies. If you are looking for an honest short review, I say ­­it is worth it for certain items. Things like laundry detergent, paper rolls, yogurt, and cereal are convenient for me to buy in bulk, so Costco is perfect. There is a yearly commitment, with the cheapest package (Gold Star) starting at $55 dollars CDN. Check out more prices and packages on the Costco Membership page.

12. A Fashionable Wrist Watch:

Yeah, I know­­ phones are the new everything. But there is something super classic about resorting to your wrist watch, especially when you are asking yourself, “Where did I put my phone?”. Wrist watches are convenient and fashionable. Check out mine that I bought from Wal­Mart.


13. Google Maps:

I think Google Maps is a great navigation tool. You can search for services nearby, select your route option, use the built ­in GPS navigation, and schedule your trip in advance. Android users (that’s me) have the luxury of having this app at their disposal, but now, Google Maps capability has extended to Iphone and Blackberry users. Download it and I can promise you, you will never get lost trying to find your little one’s appointment!


14. Re­usable Bags: Groceries became easier for me when I started purchasing one dollar re­usable bags and bringing them to every grocery trip. They hold a whole lot more than your average grocery bag and, as stores begin charging for plastic bags, it will definitely save you some change. They are also a lot more durable, so you do not have to worry about your bags of milk ripping through or having to double­ bag your purchases.

15. Non­dispensable Liquid Containers:

For water, tea, or coffee. Your own personal liquid holder is just mandatory. As a stay at home mom, I am always in need of water. When I run errands or have a complete workday, I like to have plenty to drink since I use my voice a lot. Instead of purchasing water or beverages, make sure you invest in a good water bottle or tea/coffee mug for those long days at home, running errands, or at work.

16. Liquid Lipsticks: I spoke about how big liquid lipsticks are last year in my yearly beauty favourites this week on TBA. I think liquid lipsticks are mommy­ friendly. Yes, they can be very drying so they will not be the most comfortable lip product ever but you can wear them over  lip balm. I love liquid lipsticks because they are transfer­ proof (I give my son so many kisses with zero transfer) and most liquid lipsticks do not bleed so you do not have to question whether your lipstick is in place when you are approaching the bank teller. My personal favourites are Kat Von D Bow n Arrow and Colourpop Beeper.

That’s it! Did I miss something? What’s an everyday mommy essential you cannot live without? Let us know in the comments! Take care!

Sincerely, Vanesa


Vanesa blogs over at The Beauty Anecdote. Among beauty and fashion talk, she loves to share tips and tricks about making mommies’ lives easier all while staying and looking fabulous. Vanesa resides in Canada, with her fiancee and eighteen ­month old toddler. She is a research associate in the field of social and urban policy and describes herself as an advocate for the advancement and empowerment of mothers and females alike.