Meet Our Moms: Leticia Gardner Talks Fitness After Breastfeeding

Let’s be real. After childbirth and breastfeeding, we all want to know the secret formula to getting our breasts back to their perky and natural state. While for some women, they can bounce right back, other women may face difficulties when it comes to accepting their post breastfeeding body. The truth is, there isn’t any “back to normal“. Our bodies have changed. How do we find peace with that?

We are sitting down with Leticia Gardner to talk breastfeeding, body changes, and fitness. 


Black Moms Blog: Hi Leticia! Thank you for joining us. You are known for helping people, women in particular, get in shape with your 21 day total body program. What inspired you to get into fitness and what are some easy workout routines that moms can do to life their breasts after breastfeeding?

Leticia Gardner: Thanks for having me. I’ve always been an athlete and loved sports. The results of being fit is what drives me daily! To be honest, there aren’t any exercises that will “lift” your breasts but you can work to tone the muscle. Working the chest and upper body is always good. Push ups are great! 

Ok mamas, we wanted to get that out the way early! Exercise will not lift your breasts up. Muscle toning is possible but working out won’t give you the perky appearance you may have had before. So now, let’s talk confidence…

BMB: Leticia, tell us a bit about your experience with pregnancy, breastfeeding, and keeping your confidence through body changes.

LG: I was 19 when I had my first daughter and barely 100 pounds before I got pregnant. I literally left the hospital the same size I was before I was pregnant. There was a huge difference between baby one and baby two. My second daughter on the other hand, I was 28 years old. And gained almost 50 pounds. It took me over seven months of hard training and clean eating to “snap back”.  

On Breastfeeding:

My first daughter barely breastfed a month. I had to go back to work almost immediately after giving birth. I was a young, single and working parent. I didn’t really understand the importance of breastfeeding but I did pump for the first six months. My second daughter I breastfed for a whole two years! She was very attached. So even though I wanted to stop at year one, she wasn’t having that. Thankfully, my family has been very supportive of my breastfeeding.  

 BMB: What advice would you give moms struggling with breastfeeding? 

LG: My advice would be to remind yourself the benefits of breastfeeding. Both of the health and bonding experience. It’s worth it!  

I was a young, single and working parent. I didn’t really understand the importance of breastfeeding

 On Confidence: 

BMB: How did breastfeeding affect your confidence and how did you combat those effects? 

LG: Breastfeeding left my boobs lopsided, going into different directions. One a whole inch lower than the other. As a women it definitely affected by confidence. I would try and wear double padded push up bras to help the appearance. But it wasn’t the same. My advice to women is to know that you are not alone! We all go through it. Don’t let the pressures of social media or tv stars fool you to think that you’re suppose to snapback over night. Take time to embrace motherhood. And when it’s time, invest in your physical healthy and get into a workout and clean eating routine. You’ll start feeling and looking like your self in no time. 


Mamas, what are some tips you would share with moms struggling with confidence after breastfeeding?

 To follow Leticia’s journey of health and fitness, check out her Instagram.  

With love, Shanicia