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As a Black woman who is also a Mompreneur, there are several women that I look up to in my line of work. Latham Thomas, founder of Mama Glow, the self proclaimed “Soulful Doula”, is definitely at the top of my list. Join us as we sit down with a very personal interview with Latham about what it means to be the best in her line of work. 
Black Moms Blog: Hi Latham! Thank you for joining us here at Black Moms Blog. You are a woman of so many talents. Can you give us a quick rundown of what being The Glow Maven is all about? 
Latham Thomas: I’m all about empowering women and helping them give rise to the best version of themselves. I am a Doula- one who supports women during childbirth, an Author, an Entrepreneur and Wellness Maven, a Creatrix that is constantly expanding and growing and I am a mother to a 13 year old son. I have taken my passion and expertise in wellness and used it to build a platform that people trust. I use my voice to inspire others and spark conversations about wellness and womanhood. 
BMB: Your website, Mama Glow, is a large inspiration for me. What was your motivation in starting this platform?
LT:Thank you so much! When I was pregnant with my son, who is now 13 years old, I noticed there was such a gap between the client and the practitioners. It was hard to find grounded, credible yet affirming information and people who would support me in the birth I dreamed of.
I saw a need to celebrate the experience of pregnancy and motherhood, to elevate birth. 
I’ve been inspired since the day I gave birth to my son Fulano. Mama Glow, maternal wellness, and well being isn’t an interest, it’s a lifestyle, a rubric to live by. I committed myself to growing a brand that served a larger purpose—to transform the way women perceive their bodies, to help women reclaim their bodies as sacred and give birth in an empowered way on their own terms. When my baby was sleeping, I would dream up ideas, write, and work on what would become Mama Glow. What started off as meet-ups in my living room and a film festival turned into a booming practice. I grew the following organically by just spreading inspiration and love, giving a peek into my world. 

Our brand mantra is: “Mama Glow” is an abundant, radiant energy that comes from within. Birth is our rite of passage, and Mama Glow is our birthright—to walk in grace, power, and wisdom, to have understanding, reverence, and trust in our bodies. The act of standing in your power ignites a force within that glows from the inside out. It’s a personal style that reflects confidence, beauty, radiance, and balance. 


BMB: Your son, Fulano, seems to be following in your footsteps in terms of ambition and creativity. What is the biggest lesson you try to instill upon him when it comes to following his dreams?
LT: I just want Fulano to be disciplined in pursuit of his dreams and steadfast in his belief in his vision for himself and the world. All I can do is be a living example and support for him.
I can model the behavior I want him to exemplify as well as improve on areas in my own life.
I believe that practice makes for progress and I encourage my son to practice his DJing and practice playing instruments. Even though he is really talented- [I tell him]  you can’t be lazy and rest on your laurels, you have to actively practice your skill daily. 
BMB: What is something you wish you could have told yourself in your first year of parenthood?
LT: You know, I was so into entertaining and hosting other moms and families at my place and I should have also made a little extra time for myself. I didn’t really start to make glow time for myself until my son was a little older.
I wish I had called upon my “sister circle” of friends who could be of support.
 I sort of expected people to show up for me and offer their help and they didn’t in many instances. I would remind myself that its OK to ask for help and in fact, it makes you stronger to be vulnerable. We all thrive in community.
BMB: Tell us about the day you found out you were selected to be one of Oprah’s Super Soul 100 and how you use this notoriety as a way to further inspire women and mothers?
LT: I grew up (like so many of us) watching the Oprah show with my mom and grandmother. It was part of our lives- Oprah was part of all of our lives. I always knew I would connect with her and I am deeply moved and honored that she would acknowledge my work in the wellness, women’s health and birth movement. The day I found out I was part of the Super Soul 100 list was back in March. I remember they sent two letters, one that was penned by Auntie Oprah. I was beyond thrilled. It was a magical experience. I was listed among friends like Jesse Williams, whom I have known since college, Zendaya who is my little sis from Oakland, Lin Manuel Miranda, India Arie, Iyanla Vanzant, Tony Robbins and more. We were invited to spend a weekend with Oprah for the Super Soul Sessions then an amazing brunch at OWN and a photo shoot that ended up in the O Magazine September issue.
The acknowledgment doesn’t change anything about who I am and how I show up in the world to serve. I am always a woman whose focus is on advancing other women.
Having Oprah’s endorsement opens doors that may have previously been shut. As a woman of color in the wellness space there are already so many impediments and road blocks in place that I hurdle over on a daily basis and when you get support from a mentor or someone you really look up to it can help move the needle. 
BMB: Sometimes we forget how to squeeze in “me” time as mothers. What is your favorite self care act when you only have 30 minutes to spare?
LT: Self Care is part of my gospel. It’s what I preach about all the time. I call it Glow Time. Slowing down to celebrate and love yourself, whether that’s a hot bath, a foot rub, a full body massage, taking a hike or simply logging off of social media and reading a book. I make space for Glow Time at various parts of the day. For instance, in the morning I aim to rise up early around 5:30 or 6 AM and take my time to get ready. I move slowly, have a meditation moment- a little prayer. During the day I might unfold my yoga mat and stretch it out at my office or get a manicure and 10 minute massage then get back in to the office. But nothing beats a hot bath in my Mama Glow Bath Soak. It’s available this holiday season! 
BMB: Can you tell us where we can learn more about the Mama Glow movement?
LT: Visit us at to explore fertility, pregnancy and wellness inspiration and our awesome nutrition, yoga and birth doula services. We are on Facebook and all the social media as well. To get more from me, just find me on social media @GlowMaven on Instagram.
With love,