Being a business owner is no joke. Being a Black woman business owner is an entirely different ball game. Factor in being 26, married, and a new mommy and out comes Dunnie Onasanya-Hasan. Many probably know her due to her lavish events she has planned over the years, managing to take Los Angeles by storm. Dunnie is one of L.A.’s top event planners, working with celebrity clients such as Megan Good, Hill Harper, Tracee Ellis Ross, Brandy, and Chrisette Michelle. But her most important role to date has been her new title as “Mommy”. Dunnie joins us at Black Moms Blog to let us in to how she manages to hold it all together.

Black Moms Blog: Hi Dunnie! Thank you for joining us here at Black Moms Blog. Motherhood is such a beautiful journey. Can you walk us through the day you found out you were pregnant?

Dunnie Onasanya-Hasan: Hi Shanicia, thank you for having me! My husband and I both recall the moment our daughter was conceived actually so when I took a pregnancy test it did not come as a huge shock. I only took one test and then I went to the doctor for confirmation. We had already been engaged for over a year so the pregnancy did prompt us to move our wedding date up in preparation to start our family together.

BMB: I remember hearing all kinds of “advice” and horror stories about what to expect when it came to pregnancy and giving birth. Everything from my feet would swell an entire shoe size to experiencing teenage acne all over again. What was some of the best, worst, or funniest advice that was given to you?

DO-H: Honestly, the best advice was to rub my body down with olive oil every single day to prevent stretch marks from forming on my tummy… It worked!

BMB: I know that you are a first generation Nigerian woman. Did you incorporate any of your cultural practices into your birthing process?

DO-H: We did not announce the name of our daughter until her Naming ceremony which took place 7 days after she was born.

BMB: How does your culture and faith play into your role as a new mother?

DO-H: I pray over her constantly and I sing to her Yoruba songs very often. She actually has started imitating me when I sing. It is the sweetest thing ever!

BMB: I read the most beautiful post you made about your mother from your wedding. The post said:

“My sweet sweet mommy was my “something blue.” This woman is the essence of true beauty from the inside out. Her love and prayers for me have carried me through my most difficult times. Godly mothers are a blessing from above I am so fortunate to have had her present for this moment in my life to help me prepare and pray over me”.

There is so much beauty in your words. What has your mother taught you about becoming a mother to your daughter?

 DO-H: She has taught me how to be selfless for my baby girl and to make her my most important priority.

BMB: You are well known for your event planning. What are your plans for returning to work as a new mommy?

DO-H: I never really stopped working funny enough. I actually had her with me working a client event when she was 1 month old. I have been blessed to be able to have her with me when I do have to work. My husband or one of my coordinators is always there to support me get everything done and be able to care for her at the same time.

BMB: I love that you and your husband work so closely together. How is he handling fatherhood?

DO-H: He is so in love with our child. It is very beautiful to watch how hands on he is when it comes to her needs and entertainment.


BMB: What advice would you give to new mommies embarking on parenthood for the first time?

DO-H: Try to enjoy your pregnancy because it goes so fast. It is really the only time that you 100% have the baby to yourself and you don’t have change diapers, breastfeed or deal with bottles!

BMB: Where can we find you to learn more about your business and follow your journey as a new mother?

DO-H: You can follow my personal Instagram page @missdunnieo.

 With love,

– Shanicia