Meet Our Moms: Chef Ahki- Fibroids, Pregnancy, and Healing Women


Sepsenahki Aahkhu, better known as Chef Ahki is known worldwide for her stance on healthy eating, holistic healing, and for once being Lenny Kravitz’s personal chef. With over 20 years in the game, Chef Ahki has definitely made her own lane as a Natural Foods Activist by adding her personal flair and has been so gracefully letting us know that she is “f’n pissed at big agriculture and its mono-cropping frenzy” (

Even more exciting news to add to her already fullfilling resume, Chef Ahki announced late last year that she is soon to be a Mommy, notably the most important role she will have played yet. Today she joins us at Black Moms Blog to discuss her advocacy on Fibroids, Pregnancy, and Healing Women.


Black Moms Blog: Hi Chef! Thank you for joining us at Black Moms Blog. I want to give you a warm congrats on your pregnancy. I know that you have been fairly open with your audience about your struggle to conceive. Your pregnancy announcement was given with a very heartfelt message about not giving up the hope of becoming pregnant. Have you experienced fibroids? If not, what has propelled you on your journey to educate others on this disease?

Sepsenahki Aahku: When I was 18, my sister suffered from reproductive disorder and underwent eight different surgeries. With each surgery there was pain, drugs and most of all FEAR. She made every effort to save her womb based on her awareness at that time. I was just coming into the understanding of natural food and its’ healing properties myself. Ultimately, her womb was permanently removed. She is my parents’ only other daughter so it was clear that I MUST have children at that time. This experience inspired me to ‘prevent‘ future complications for myself and to learn how others could too.

BMB: Can you tell us a little about your daily regimen when it comes to eating to prepare for the birth of your son?

SA: Yes. I am huge on minerals and fats at this time. I prepare what I call a ‘Pre-natal’ smoothie daily with sea moss, baby banana, avocado, pumpkin and hempseed, walnuts, dates, apricots and carob powder. The base is coconut or hemp milk and I add a little ice and pink salt. It is so darn good! I am also drinking my womb tea with a special blend of herbs that I make such as raspberry leaf and dandelion and chamomile. My husband stretches me nightly after a good warm soak. I find that this is so important the further along I get. Otherwise I am still eating lots of fruits mostly, but I have increased the grains. Plenty quinoa, millet and wild rice.


BMB: What are your thoughts on doctor prescribed prenatal vitamins?

SA: It was not a choice for me. I prefer to get my nutrition whole and from the source.

BMB: I will admit, your credentials are beyond extraordinary. You are a certified colon therapist, have your B.A. under Dr. Mark Armstrong in naturopathic science and holistic theology, have studied with Dr. Sebi, and have been eating a plant based diet since you were 18. In what ways have these experiences and certifications prepared you to create your own path as a holistic healer?

SA: My daily practice, passion and inquisitive nature has given me my greatest lessons truly.

I am forever grateful for every person who allowed me to IRRIGATE their colon, every endless hour spent with Master Sebi from Honduras to the Mayan Ruins, and the Magnificent Dr.Mark for the discipline he taught me in order to constantly heal myself so that I am not a WOUNDED healer.

I would also be disrespectful if I did not acknowlege my great grandmother. She was quite the medicine woman in her community.

 Photo: Chef Ahki and Dr. Sebi

BMB: You are well known for your supplement, Essence of Fertility which works as an indigenous antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, female reproductive health and hormone stimulating/stabilizing formula, used to CURE ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, venereal diseases, and to amplify libido ( You also offer several books- most notably being The Fibroid Elimination Recipe Guide and The Fibroid Elimination Bible. How can women use these guides together to eliminate and prevent fibroids?

SA: There has never been anything like the Fibroid Elimination Guide or Fibroid Elimination Bible. We tell you HOW and WHY you have fibroids and all other reproductive disorders. We then tell you step by step how to rid your womb of them naturally.

We literally detail, when, what and how to heal down to the minute. Is it easy? HELL NO. Is it worth it? Are YOU worth it? 


BMB: Your holistic platform on the treatment of fibroids can be credited for giving women the opportunity to become pregnant as well as save their lives. Did you ever imagine that you would hit this point in your career?

SA:  I did. I actually imagined it everyday. I followed elder healers like Queen Afua and Herb Lady Eshe as well as educators like Dr. Jewel Pookrum for years. I wanted to expand their lessons to a broader audience. I witnessed women healing naturally with herbs and proper diets for years and I began working with some incredible herbalist and naturopathic doctors to not only create formulas but to also create a full and detailed program to heal all reproductive disorder. Later in the year we will dig deeper into the mental/spiritual/emotional component of the healing process as well. See

 Photo: Chef Ahki and Queen Afua

BMB: Have you ever been confronted by doctors who attempt to deflect your methods?

SA: Once or twice. In my lecture. It was a great learning tool for all the attendees and the doctors more than anyone. A real doctor never stops learning if he really wants to help people.

BMB: What advice do you have for women who are currently struggling with fibroids and considering going through Western medicine to shrink them?

SA: Truly, I would be a bit negligent to give a general answer as I would not lend the same advice to an older, overweight, diabetic woman with very large tumors as I would to the young, ‘fit’ generally healthy woman with just 1 or 2 small ones but generally speaking, a plant based diet free of dairy and processed foods is my first and most effective suggestion.


BMB: What is your most powerful lesson you have learned on your journey for a healthier life?

SA: I learned to use common sense instead of overthinking my diet.

If the cow eats grass and the guerrilla eats bananas and never questions if he is getting enough protein or calcium..why is the human so puzzled? When did we loose touch with something so simple..”how to eat”?  

The more I contemplate it..the more ridiculous it seems. Imagine animals needing books to tell them what to eat to maintain health. We have lost touch with nature and with ourselves. I learned to keep it simple..I ask myself..”Did God make that OR man?” “Does that make me feel good after I eat it or not?”

BMB: Can you tell us where we can find you to follow your journey?

SA: Sure. My website is www.GOCHEFAHKI.COM. You can also find me on social media- Instagram @chefahki, Facebook @thechefahki, and Twitter @chefahki. 


With love,