Meet Our Moms: A Day In The Life Of Baby Shopaholic, Trina Small + Ergobaby Giveaway!

Photo Credit: Kaylin James
I love to have theWhat exactly do you do?” conversation with people. Listen, as a mom blogger, I get it. You want to know how we make money. What is that we are actually talking about on our blogs. And you want to know how we juggle all of this with children grabbing at our ankles. I’ll tell you now…baby wearing helps A LOT! Thank you, Ergobaby…but we will talk about that at another time. 
Anyhow, we are sitting down with Mommy extraordinaire, Trina Small, who has been in the mom blogging arena for almost a decade. She was one of the first and still reigns as one of the greatest with her blog, Baby Shopaholic. Sit down with us as we ask her, Trina girl…how do you do it???
Photo Credit: Kaylin James
Black Moms Blog: What’s a day in the life like for you as a mother, wife, and full time blogger?
 Trina Small: Believe it or not, my day as a mother wife and full-time blogger can get pretty crazy.  I start the day with getting my seven-year-old Peyton ready school at 6 AM.  Once she’s on the bus, I fire up my computer to check emails and finish blog posts. My husband will tend to my two-year-old Harper while I get a little work done until he gets ready to leave for work.
  I make breakfast and head out the door to catch a fitness class at the gym.  After the gym, we head home for lunch and a nap for Harper.  When she’s napping, I try to get back on the computer.  My big girl gets home on the bus around 2:30. I help her with her homework and start on dinner.  I make dinner early because Peyton is on a gymnastics team and she practices 3 nights a week.  I’m usually feeding them by 3:30 so we can head out to gymnastics practice at 4 pm.  Practice runs until 7:30 so I either come back home or stay out and do some running around with Harper in tow. 
Photo Credit: Kaylin James
On a good night, my husband will pick up Peyton to save me from having to take the baby back out but that rarely happens because he works late.  Once we’re finally home, I offer part two of dinner or a snack since we eat so early.  After that it’s a mad dash to bed.  Once the girls are asleep, I try to straighten up and get back on the computer to work on my blog.  
BMB: Listen…I’m already exhausted just hearing about your day but I can definitely relate! How has your vision changed when it comes to balancing family and work?
TS: I’ve learned that you can’t have balance everyday.  Some days, motherhood takes over and work is on the back burner.  There are also days when I have sponsored work or an event, I have to utilize a babysitter to get work done. I have learned that it’s OK if I haven’t posted on my blog in a few days.  
BMB: Speaking of balance, how far do you let your audience into your life? Do you have any topics that are strictly off limits?
TS: I am pretty open on my blog and social media about my immediate family.  I have even shared details about my strained relationship with my dad before he passed.  I received so much love and support from my readers during that difficult time.  I really appreciate them.
BMB: In your day to day life, what are some ways baby wearing have helped you get through your day? Would you wear it while cleaning?
TS: I did most of my baby wearing in the house!  Harper went through a stage when she did not want to be put down.  I would strap her in the carrier to cook and clean.  My husband loves baby wearing.  He would wear our youngest when he watered the grass. 
Photo Credit: Kaylin James
BMB: How does keeping a self care routine allow you to find work/life balance?
TS: Self care time is important, especially when you have more that one child.  We need time when we don’t have to be “on“.  Even if it’s just getting your nails done or shopping alone, take it.  
BMB: Tell us what thriving means to you?
TS: Thriving means continuing to learn about yourself in this motherhood journey.  It’sOK if you have to make changes or adjust.  Your dreams and goals are not over, they’ll just take a little more time to get to.  It’s not a race.  
BMB: Where can people find you to follow your platform?
TS: You can find me on my mom and baby fashion blog, Baby Shopaholic ( and on Instagram @babyshopa
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